Report from Moss and Day #6

So, MtgForLife. Quite a few cool things the last days! A big one is from the Legacy nationals in Sweden taking place October 30th. The organizers contacted me the other day and told me they wanted to support the campaign and decided to donate all the entry fees from the tournament to #MtgForLife. That is awesome. I guess it's time to build a Legacy deck again. Is Monoblack Necrotic Ooze a deck? We also have a few new backers from outside Scandinavia, which is great. The campaign has mostly been backed by players from Northen Europe yet, but it looks like its starting to spread.

But now, lets give the word to Lars Harald "Verzutiko" Nordli, head honcho and admin for, who organized last weekend's old school tournament in Moss, Norway. This is his story (with some pictures added by me). Enjoy! /Mg out


When I was about to organize Moss’ first convention, I knew that I wanted to have the 93/94-format on the program. Mostly of my own interest as I acquired P9 last year and hadn’t the opportunity to play them yet. To attract as many players as possible to the tournament, I personally wanted to run it with the rules stated on this very site. It did have some pitfalls however as I didn’t know if there would come enough players from the local area. I got out with the info early and posted both on the Facebook-group for 93/94-players in Norway, and on the Old School MtG forum on NoM/SvM. After some feedback I landed on this:
  • Play 93/94 with the rules from oldschool-mtg.blogspot
  • Start late in the afternoon (5 PM)
  • Enjoy beer during the tournament
The combination of these decisions attracted a whopping 26 players (two more than the Sealed Deck PPTQ-tournament the same day!), the second largest non-shark tournament in Scandinavia to this date! Even though we didn't have Giant Shark in the pricepool, we had something even more appropriate for our tournament. I introduce you to Moss Monster:
Credit to Felipe Garcia Arenas for the beautiful alter.
26 players ment 5 rounds of swiss followed by top 8. Since 93/94 games can go long (especially with Stasis in the room), the players wanted one hour rounds instead of 50 minutes. The beer was flowing and the participants were having a blast playing these old cards.
Round one has started.
For my own part this was my first 93/94 tournament and my first round was up against Troll Disco, where I was danced dizzy and ended up 0-2. The round after was against Power Monolith with Great Balls of Fire (Fireballs) to which I crashed and burned. 1-4. It didn’t matter that I was losing, I was having the time of my life with great cards and even better adversaries!
Facing off against KungMarkus, one of the pioneer 93/94 players from Arvika.
It all culminated in me playing for top 8 (see, I was winning some games as well) in the final round, but I was not prepared for what I was about to face: Stasis! I was locked out in both games and couldn’t do a squat, but my how wonderful it was to see how efficient my opponent’s deck was.
Elof vs Kalle Nord in the semifinals. Former vs current world champion. Five Giant Sharks total in their deck lists.
Top 8 consisted of many different decks and the man who stood out against all others were Kalle from Gothenburg. Congratulations again with the victory and the price card that of course needs to be in the main 60 next CrowCon! Yes, the feedback after the tournament was so positive that I'll work hard to arrange CrowCon 2016 where 93/94 definitively will be part of the schedule. To ensure that Kalle will come back to defend his title, I’ll personally buy him a beer next year.

At last I wish to thank all who took their time to come to Moss so our very first 93/94-tournament was a success! I had a blast and I hope you had as well!


  1. Thank you for making my Wednesday a bit better! Before I have to go to work!

    I might have a friend backing you up from South Korea as well depends on though!

  2. One player short of beating the Frippan Open as the largest non-shark tournament, phew, too bad I had to work the whole weekend or I'd been there too, hope to attend next year :)


  3. "but I was not prepared for what I was about to face: Stasis! I was locked out in both games and couldn’t do a squat, but my how wonderful it was to see how efficient my opponent’s deck was."

    Haha that made me laugh, was having a blast while you guys played that game :)
    One other nice memory was a game where Kungmarcus stole a Pikeman with Controll Magic after changing lives with Mirror Universe, im pretty sure i have a photo of that.

    Thanks for an awesome tournament! I will definitely come next time. // Jhovalking

  4. Haha. Im pretty sure you have more then ONE picture of that! ;) I have played Control Magic on small creatures before but never a Pikeman! I don´t even think I have seen a Pikeman in play before :P haha! Thanks for a great tournament and a nice day! :D


  5. Hi guys, why none of you came to Prague to play old school during MCM tournament? We were silently looking forward to clash with you. :-)

    1. Unfortunatly had a full weekend myself, but I plan to travel to a tournament further South in Europe before the end of the year.

      Only two weeks left until BSK in Borås btw, currently about 40 people signed up, and the first price is an awe-inspiring Giant Shark :)


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