#MtgForLife, day 2

When I first started thinking about #MtgForLife, I was actually a little worried. Worried that it would make people feel aliened, or that I brought up problems in the world people didn't want to hear about. Two days ago, before posting, I braced myself for haters, and hoped that the people who would see the importance of the issue would be able to raise at least a few hundred dollars in the 40 days. I've clearly been underestimating just how awesome this community is. Today, two days later, we have already raised god damn $3,461.
People of the mtgunderground
The response has simply been fantastic. It feels great to see how the community can gather to support people in an abysmal situation. And the plans are growing. People have started auctioning duals, 93/94, and pimp cards at the market place at svenskamagic.com - auctions like this one, this one, this one and this one - donating the future proceeds to the campaign. The guys running svenskamagic has not only donated cash from their own pockets, but also donated an Unlimited Underground Sea as one of the 93/94 cards to be given out to a random funder of the campaign. The guy running Mindstage, Gothenburgs premier LGS, has contacted me and started talking about how they can help. Greg Titcomb who runs the oldschoolmtg Instagram account has an exciting plan in mind for the weekend. Tonight I heard a rumor about the deeds of one Erik Åstedt, which blew my mind. And this is day 2. We're still growing, and people are getting aware and finding new ways to contribute. We'll reach $10,000. We might even go beyond that. This shit will matter for someone.

Due to the continuous flow on the campaign, I'll update this blog more frequently in the next 40 days. I'll post our current status and what's going on with the campaing, alongside a "card of the day", decklist or pics from events every other day to keep some content flowing. So lets start with a short card of the day:
Time Walk it is. A couple of years back, when I first got my Time Walk, I wrote a fairly extensive post about it. What I didin't mention in the post was that, in the pre-Alpha days, some playtest versions of Time Walk had errata to cost 1UU, and at another point it cost 1U but forced you to sacrifice an Island. This was clearly not good enough, so the cost for taking an extra turn was changed back to the 1U cost we know today (or rather knew in 93; today it'll usually set you back 3UU to get an extra turn). During playtesting, there supposedly existed a Time Walk in three colors; red and black apart from the blue one that eventually saw the light of print. The red one was called Starburst and can easily be found pictures of on the web. I've never seen a picture of Paralysis, the black one, but good authority states that it exists. Time Walk is rad as hell, and was my first favorite power card.

Again, $3,461 in two days. #MtgForLife.


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