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The most playable creatures in Oldschool

It appears we keep nibbling at the smorgasbord of potential topics we found on the last mailday . Well, if I can't play and I ain't getting much new mail, mise well keep punching that horse. And, I mean, typographical errors in Alpha and miscuts aren't horrible topics for this blag, so I don't feel like we're scraping the barrel. But please call me out if I start writing lengthy analyses on Operation Desert Storm or the life of Georg H.W. Bush. So, another spoil of that spicy mail day was a playset of Alpha Scryb Sprites. I noted that I hadn't been actively looking for Alpha versions of that card, but that Alpha was what I found, and the price tag wasn't, quote, " that bad considering it mise well be a top10 creature in the format". And then a hero in the comment section asked what I would consider to be the top10 creatures in oldschool, and now here we are. Before we start, I have a bunch of disclaimers. First, this list is what I would conside