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Blogger has bad UX and it annoys me

Back when we started this blag, there weren't many strong candidates as blogging platforms went. If you didn't want to pay but still wanted some options regarding ads, Blogger was the way to go. The platform launched already back in 1999, and is often credited with popularizing the concept of web logs (blogs). Blogger was then acquired by Google in 2003, and by 2004 the platform had gone through a complete redesign, including the ability to upload pictures to blog posts. From there Blogger became the star of the blogosphere. Even through it has declined massively in the last years, I suspect there are still more Blogger blogs than those of e.g. Wordpress, Medium or Tumbler. But if I started blogging today, I surely wouldn't go for Blogger. There are small things. Like the problems with comments not being published when posting on particular operating systems or browsers. Not being able to control line breaks and fonts well in the WYSIWYG editor. The un-intuitive acrobatics

The most playable creatures in Oldschool

It appears we keep nibbling at the smorgasbord of potential topics we found on the last mailday . Well, if I can't play and I ain't getting much new mail, mise well keep punching that horse. And, I mean, typographical errors in Alpha and miscuts aren't horrible topics for this blag, so I don't feel like we're scraping the barrel. But please call me out if I start writing lengthy analyses on Operation Desert Storm or the life of Georg H.W. Bush. So, another spoil of that spicy mail day was a playset of Alpha Scryb Sprites. I noted that I hadn't been actively looking for Alpha versions of that card, but that Alpha was what I found, and the price tag wasn't, quote, " that bad considering it mise well be a top10 creature in the format". And then a hero in the comment section asked what I would consider to be the top10 creatures in oldschool, and now here we are. Before we start, I have a bunch of disclaimers. First, this list is what I would conside