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The n00bcoM top8

So this whole thing was unexpected and awesome. Some personal context. The oldest recurring gaming convention in Sweden is GothCon. Taking place each year during the Easter weekend since 1977, it gathers around 2,000 gamers of board, sheet, figurine and card. Gothcon is something akin to a GenCon of tiny Sweden; if you enjoy your analogue games, GothCon is probably either on your calendar, your to-do list, or in your memory. I went to my first GothCon in 1997. In 2008 I was co-hosting my first Magic event at GothCon; the first "official" 93/94 tournament. It was fun to see our casual format on a stage, but those of us who played thought that, while sweet, it would be even sweeter if we could combine this with drinking and using sailor language. (My sometimes colorful language have, rightly, given me judge warnings in sanctioned tournaments in the past. I hope that I've bettered myself in those contexts - and one clearly shouldn't be trashing to harsh around stra

n00bcoM: Organizer's Report

Due to worldly events, the yearly oldschool tournament n00bcon did not take place on Good Friday last week. But n00bs still rejoiced this Easter, as heroes in the community took it upon them to organize n00bcoM in its wake, an online tournament where the social distancing was thousands of miles between players. As someone who got the chance to play, it was rad as radiation. This is not my story though, today we get a tale from the organizer himself; Florian von Bredow. I'll be back next week with some top8 rants. Until then, enjoy the words of our protector of Easter. /Mg out Organizer's wisdom or wish-wash. You decide. After the tournament should be before the tournament. It seems to be a curse of mine that I see and feel mostly what could have been better. Or different. The world could - no, should - have been in a different place, with countries and leaders acting humane rather than selfish or opportunistic (or just brutally stupid). If countries and their leaders wou