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Oldschool Tron

In early 1994, the Antiquities expansion provided us with a peculiar set of lands. The Urza lands were the only cards in the set apart from Strip Mine that didn't have the word "artifact" printed on them anywhere, and they were the first Magic cards that explicitly referenced other non-basic cards. I said other . Uh, that's not a specific other card. Also that one got errata. Come on, that's an art reference, not a rules reference. Hey, that one wasn't in stores until a couple of months later. Ok dammit, point taken. So, the Urza lands were the first cards that blatantly asked you to play them together, can I say that without interrupting myself? That " the whole is greater than the sum of the parts "; or " a system is never the sum of its parts; it’s the product of their interaction "; or " 1+1+1=7 "*; or similar wisdom attributed to Aristotle, Ackoff, or some flawed mathematician was first explicitly introduced with the Urza