Day 16: Erhnam Burn'em

The Arvika 93/94 scene is without a doubt one of my favorite playgroups. A bunch of thugs with awesome tech, a beer in hand, and a solid  "play with what you own mentality". They go to 93/94 FNMs in pubs, host their own sweet old school tournaments, and are always a pleasure to play against. For many of them, 93/94 is the only constructed format they play in tournaments.

One of the pioneers for Old School Magic in Arvika was Markus "KungMarkus" Guldbrandsson. Markus and his friend Berntsson from Arvika first visited n00bcon 6 during Easter 2014, and since then the scene has grown quickly.
KungMarkus at the Moss tournament.
Among the players that has started to play more frequently during the last year are Lennart and Johan Guldbrandsson, Markus's father and brother. This is about Johan.

JohanGuld is currently the highest rated player from Arvika in the pimpwalker race, clocking in at 36 points for the season. His deck of choice is RG Berserk, or Erhnam Burn'em, a pile we haven't seen that much of during the last year or two.
JohanGuld's Erhnam Burn'em
Two years ago, the top8 of BSK contained a whopping 16 copies of Berserk, before White Weenie eventually claimed the title. We haven't really seen the card outside of Atog decks in the last year, but it looks like it might be primed for a comback.

Johan has been tweaking his deck for a while now. This latest version took him to the top8 of the Moss tournament, eventually being bested by Elof and his Troll Disco deck in the elimination rounds. From what I saw, I must say that Johan really played the deck tighly. He avoided overcommiting his board, he used his Tsunamis as Ice Storms when needed instead of being greedy, and he got some surprising wins out of nowhere with his set of Berserks. No power cards nor library yet, and a very impressive performance. I'm looking forward to see how it goes at BSK next weekend.


MtgForLife. We've raised $6,821 as I type this. New auctions have started during the last three days as well; a second one from former head of DCI in Sweden Mikael Mällroth, one from Henrik "Johewa" Wallin, and one from the SvenskaMagic store itself. The new auctions in Sweden and Norway can be found at It's awesome to see. There's also a couple of charity tournaments coming up in the next weeks. Any non-Scandinavian stores or organizer wanting to jump in on the cause? Feel free to contact me and I'll give you a massive digital high five and try and help to promote the store/event.

For those of you in need of some more old school tech, go and check out the last post at Danny Freidman's Understanding Ancestral Recall blog. He writes a little about #MtgForLife and delves deep into Guardian Beast combo decks. Good stuff!


  1. Good read! Keep up the good work!

    on the topic of Erhnam Djinns I happen to have one of the biggest collections in the world of that card. Sadly only a mere 16 are from Arabian nights the rest around 500 or so are from Judgement and chronicles.


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