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n00bcon warm up!

Göteborg, göttegubbarnas, elitisternas och casualmästarnas huvudstad kör en uppvärmning inför n00bcon till påsken. Formatet är 93/94 (information om formatet finns på min blogg ) och första priset är en Chaos Orb ! (errata hittar du här ) Nyligen unbannad, är den fortfarande lika bruten som den var 1993? Det kommer kosta 50 pistoler att spela (bara cash, inga presentkort) och allt som går in går också ut i priser. Vi drar igång registrering kl 11.00 och börjar spela kl 12.00, platsen är vasa gaming och datumet är Lördagen den 24/3. mer information hittar du på turneringssidan Så, kom och testa det senaste techet inför världsmästerskapen på n00bcon! Väl mött! Christoffer Andersson


Soon it will be time for this years n00bcon. As regular it will be during GothCon (April 5th to April 8th). What: World Championship for 93/94. When: Somewhere between 5th and 8th of April. (exact date will be announced later) Where: Rotary pub (10 minutes walk from GothCon), Gothenburg. Who: People who want to participate in the 93/94 tournament. If you don't play or work for n00bcon your not allowed on the site. Cost: Entrance for participants are free. There is no participation fee. Prize: Eternal glory, and something to prove and remember it with. Rating: This will be the start for the pimpwalker system. Alcoholic beverages will be sold in the bar, you are not allowed to bring your own. There is a simple reason for keeping this event closed to outsiders. The decks people play with are to valuable, and we expect 20-25 participant. To avoid  theft etc we don't want people there just to watch. Reports, pictures and hopefully a video or two from the event wil

Back in the days

Back in the days, when people played 40 card decks and we had no restriction that only allowed us to play a maximum of 4 a single card in our deck, 214's deck was a real powerhouse. Drop a rat asap, and then continue dropping rats ever turn after that. Plain and simple, but a very strong tactic during its time. of course, this was a time where the "new design" would be the less round corners on our black bordered cards. On another note, have you guys read this sweet article on the mothership? World Championship 1994. WOHO!

Crazy Pimp!

Oki, it have pretty much nothing to do with magic, and definitely not with 93/94. But this gal make a insanely good looking binder that I would gladly store my most precious gems in.