Visar inlägg från januari, 2014

Pimpvitational primer and Danish tech

This upcoming Saturday it's finally time for the first Pimpvitational tournament. It was first planned to be held about a year ago, then again last summer, and again in October. Turns out it's pretty hard to schedule an invitational tournament in this format, when most of the regular players have some combination of kids, jobs and spouses. The Pimpvitational is a tournament where the 8 highest ranked players in a seasons pimpwalker standings are invited. These players then compete in a slightly different form of 93/94, where the winner gets a whole lot of glory, and an awesome binder (made by Stalin's girlfriend). Trade in style. The tournament is however, as usual, highly relaxed. There will be beer, sauna and a casual environment. The format this year is 93/94 with Fallen Empires legal, and Hymn to Tourach restricted. My idea was to play something like this: CREATURES (16) 4 Goblin King 4 Goblin Flotilla 4 Goblin Balloon Brigade 4 Goblins of the

Spotting fakes, part II

Here's a quick quiz. Look at the picture below for ten seconds. Which card looks highly suspicious? Did you see it? Newer players might miss it, but most old school players and collectors knows that the beta Volcanic Island don't have the small white dot in the lower corner. Almost all beta cards have this dot, but a few cards that changed (or were added) since the Alpha printing lack the dot. Volcanic Island is one of them. The last few weeks there have been something of a mass hysteria in the magic community, as sophisticated new fakes recently hit the market. Chas Andres posted an article at StarCityGames about the new fakes, as did Quiet Speculation and a few other notable sources. I wont go into much details about the new batch of fakes, as you can read the info you need from Chas's article. The issue is that they are very well done and manufactured in a larger scale than previous fakes. The known batch contain 55 different cards, mostly standard and modern st

2013 Retrospective

I just got the last card to get my deck black bordered. I lack about 8 cards until the deck is complete (oncolor moxen, time twister, a few duals, and possibly Mahamothi Djinn), but it's still a milestone. The last card was a Mana Vault, but in November I also got my hands on a Workshop from Mats Karlsson. This is the state of the deck as we enter 2014: So far on schedule ;) In less than a year from now, the deck will hopefully be complete. On a personal note, 2013 has been a good year for old school magic. It has been the first year I've played the format outside of Sweden; in both Germany and Oslo. There have been a lot of nice guys contacting me via email to tell me about their experiences, in Canada, USA, and France. I've also managed to post in this blog about once a week throughout this year (58 posts, to be exact), which was my goal for the year. 2014 have the potential to be very interesting as well. With Vintage regaining popularity in the world, and in par