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Ante rants and spectacular mail day

Q: My friend got several Magic decks and put them together into one deck. How can I compete with that without doing the same? A: There are many answers to this question. If your friend is playing with more powerful cards, then your occasional victories will net you more valuable cards. [...] A person who obtains their cards by guile is usually more formidable than a person who simply buys them.   - Beta rule book, page 33 True words. In the old days, Magic was played for ante. At the start of each duel, the players would remove the top card of their decks for ante, and whomever won would get the cards in the pot. This would create some excitement and supposedly help even the odds of gaming. If you were stuck with a measly starter deck and your next level friend had amassed a WW, a monoblack control deck, and a Channel/Fireball combo deck and put them all together in one glorious 230-card pile, odds were that on the rare occasions you would pick up a win, you would win

Tales of Green and Black.

Today we have another friend returning to the bloggoblag! Constantine first shared his stories a couple of years ago in  The Россия Perspective  and have since become something of the face of Russian oldschool Magic. He is not only a community organizer, but also an avid deck builder and skilled player that always manage to end up with a winning record at n00bcon with his creations. Today he'll guide us through the murkiest paths of the woods. Enjoy! /Mg out I like a challenge. Being an underdog is always fun. It makes every victory even more sweet and stories more colorful. When we talk about going uphill in oldschool magic, it usually means playing an unpowered and/or mono-colored deck. But this article I wrote right after n00bcon X is generally not about that. At least not only about that. I will speak about just two colors: green and black. Why those two? Exactly one year ago I sold all my unlimited cards (power and a lot of 93/94 staples; enough to build almost any deck

[MORE GOLD] But at the end it is "just" Bronze! – N00bcon X report by Valerio Gregori

Today we have a treat! Valerio Gregori is one of the most skillful and active players in the Italian old school scene, as well as a returning contributor to this blog. A month ago he made an impressive run at the World Championship, and decided to contribute with a deep report of his adventures. He did in fact write this post a couple of weeks ago, and the delay to post it here is all on me. So without further ado, let's check out Valerio's report from n00bcon X. Enjoy! /Mg out [TAKE A CHANCE ON ME] or a great idea to spend Easter Holydays Planning a five days visit of Stockholm during Easter Holydays with Valentina, I got a hit reading a post where my best Magic pusher, Luca Di Santo, was saying that he was going to meet people at N00bcon X. A short diving in my memories remembered me that N00bcon – the Old School World Championship! - is supposed to happen exactly in the same time. So why not to try to get a wild card? And make a short deviation to Gothenburg (at