Visar inlägg från januari, 2012

Ban and Restriction Announcement

Effective from 1st of February 2012. Chaos Orb is Unbanned Chaos Orb is Restricted This is the errata we will play with (to avoid people spreading out their cards way to much): Chaos Orb Artifact 1 Tap: Choose a permanent on the battlefield. If Chaos Orb is on the battlefield, flip Chaos Orb onto the battlefield from a height of at least one foot. If Chaos Orb turns over completely at least once during the flip, and touches the chosen permanent, destroy that permanent. Then destroy Chaos Orb. Edit: Falling Star are obviously unbanned as well. With that card we play with the original wording, but might put an errata on it if people start to spread out there creatures more then needed.

WotC knows whats important in life.

Seems like WotC have understood whats important here in life. Now we can only hope for 93/94 to become a sanctioned pro tour format. =P


My deck is done. And yes, the first thing that comes to mind is what do build next. =) Im looking forward to all the fun hours this deck will bring. Some random thoughts about the deck. 24 Lands since I never want to miss a land drop. ever. The main wincon is Howling Mine thanks to the fact that for every Howling Mine I play my opponent will draw his card first, as a secondary wincon I also have Feldone's Cane. Force Spike and Ivory Tower are for the aggro Match ups, where life might be relevant, and early counterspells as well.


For the people who have me on facebook there is no news that I love . I tend to bombard my status with links to their live shows when I'm up and watching them. This week one of the networks shows had a "send in your side project" theme, and I could not resist sending in my contribution to the show, so 44 minutes and 11 seconds in they talk about this blog. =) And while your at it, take some time to check out their other shows as well. The shows I try to watch every week are Techsnap , Linux Action Show , SciByte and FauxShow. But they also have a show for you Startrek Online fans out there called STOked.  

This is how you buy into 93/94

Pixels shows us how to commit and how you buy into 93/94. Yes, he bought cards for roughly $2k, and got from nothing to a real deck in one go.

onefunsite flash his pimp

Yet another guy from Gothenburg flash his pimpy collection. Makes me proud. =)

MG all wb deck!

Mg is the good kind of white boarder guy. He have bought Maze of Ith and other Black Bordered cards, and worked his magic on the cards to make the black boarders into white boarders. For the record, the one and only guy I have never mocked cause of his budget choices. =)

More contributions

I have gotten some more contribution. This first picture is from the man who have gotten this description "Legacy is a format where you play for 50 minutes, then Elof wins" He's a staple in the Swedish magic community and on the Eternal Scene. To see that he is getting into my favorite format makes me happy. The other three pictures are from Cthulhu, a man with a collection big enough to make anybody envious. These 3 pictures are only from the black part of his collection, and he is equally deep in the other colors. The first picture are only beta, and the other two are from the rest of the editions who are legal in 93/94. Hopefully you enjoy looking at peoples pimpy collection as much as I do. More are coming. =)

First contribution

Thanks to Berlin on Svenskamagic for allowing me to show his cube. To bad he have a couple of Fallen Empire cards in it, but its still a sweeeeeeeet cube.

New Banner

Jonas Örtegren made me a sweet banner for the blog. Thank you very much kind sir. =) Now I just want people to take photos on their 93/94 collections and send em to me. GO!GO!GO!

Show us your collection

Part of the fun when playing 93/94 is the collection you accumulate over time, and show it of to others who understand the glory in playing with the finest cards in this games history. The amount of time you spend in earning the funds you need to go deep into the format, and the amount of time it takes to hunt for your precious gems. So, from today and with a deadline on Wednesday the 11th of January I want you to take a picture/s on your collection and mail ( veganen [at] gmail [dot] com ) the picture/s to me so you can have a brag post on the site. Ill start of with my entire collection (-1 Red Elemental Blast that I could not find). My entire collection: The green part of it (yea, green is not my favorite color): The red part of it: The black part of it: The blue part of it: The white part of it: All the lands I got: And finally, the Artifacts of my collection: