Visar inlägg från juli, 2017

Gathering the Knights of Thorn

Less than half a year ago, Dyan de Rochemont gave us our first peek into the Dutch 93/94 community . Since then, it seems like the community has exploded. In just a few months, the Dutch mages are already reaching 20 players in their sweet and laid-back tournaments. The Knights of Thorn have truly become a band to reckon with in the world of old cardboard. Today I have the great pleasure to share the story from Erwin Demmer, organizer of and player in The Knight of Thorn tournament in Voorthuizen. Enjoy! /Mg out In the beginning of this year, I had a playset Unlimited Plateaus for sale and an interested buyer came to my place to see the cards. Normally a sale like this takes half an hour or so; but not this time! We started with coffee and small-talked about Magic and the buyer was talking enthusiastic about his Old School cards, which he played with a couple of buddies. The idea of Old School Magic was growing on me. After years of collecting, this was the time for me to create a ni

Stories from the Black Summer

June 1995 was the cruellest month. Breeding snow out of the dead lands. Mixing memory and desire. I was there when it happened. I never saw the snow as relics, it was always nostalgia from a distant present. 22 years has passed since I opened my first booster packs at Tradition in the lower levels of Nordstan in Gothenburg. Almost a quarter of a century. Maybe it's time to look back. Erik Sundberg has played the format for as long as most of us remember. He has a solid streak at n00bcon and started the first 93/94 Cap Magic community. He developed the idea of 93/94 Rotisserie drafting. He's one of those guys that don't make to much noise at social media but is a pillar in developing casual old school tech. He wanted to delve into the Ice Age. And if someone should break the 7-set limit we usually hold here, I guess Sundberg is the guy. This is a story of the black summer. This is old school. Enjoy! /Mg out An invitation; to the past, the present and the soon to be pr