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Tuesday trivia

My project has hit a few roadblocks. I feel strongly passionate about it, so I'm sure I'll solve the kinks soon enough. It's a pretty interesting concept btw. The more I think about it, the more I realize that it will open me up for haters, and that I might alienate or upset some people. Hopefully it will end up a net positive though. But until then, I won't keep you hanging. I looked through the binder and picked a few cards for a small trivia session. Here's some random facts you probably didn't know. During the short Legends playtesting, there existed a Fog in each of the five colors. Development argued that Fog might be too big a stretch from the flavor of red and blue, and removed them from the set. The green version was considered redundant, and in the end only the white and black was left. Today the card Darkness is seen as a big leap away from the "damage prevention slice" of the color pie, but compared to a red version it still looks very

Hoarding in Oslo

So, I think I've got an idea. It has been occupying my mind for the last week. It might fail spectacularly, but it might actually work. I need a few more days to work out the last few kinks, but I aim to post it here by the weekend. It is not by any means anything political, but it might be a way for the mtgunderground to make an impact. But that's a few days from now. Anyway, last Friday Hardy and I got banished from the Joy Pad to skulk the streets of Oslo. Our apartment was gleefully squatted by a ragtag team of women soccer players, and our welcome could quickly get overstayed. So we packed our bags with the beer we could carry, a bottle of gin for good measure, and threw a pile of 93/94 decks on top. Some light skulking later we arrived at the home of Jørgen, a local Eternal Viking with a collection to put the average GP to shame. We're talking full Alpha P9 and more black-bordered Volcanic Islands than Hawaii after a BP oil spill. I never met him bef

Sharp dressed man, part 2

Johan "FreeSpace" Andersson is back with the second part of his pimpvitational story. It is awesome. Enjoy! /Mg out   Thanks for all the nice comments for part one, I hope I can live up to the same standards with part two. If for nothing else, then for the mtg underground!  Pick-draft? Oh wait… The rest of the ruffians arrived one by one. A couple of casual beers, a photo shoot and some discussions about deck construction for the format later we were close to the start of the tournament. First however, we had to take a look at the restricted cards of all the decks and compare the choices but more about that in a coming deck analysis. Let's get to the interesting part! What time is it? It's time for the fucking Pimpvitational! Strengthened by the smorgasbord of different breakfasts I had and the fact that my deck was so awesome I expected swingy and chaotic games. Deck building for the format is different, at least for me who never played any of the other

Sharp dressed man at Pimpvitational, part 1

Without further ado, I'll leave the word to swinger of fine cards and wearer of fine beards Johan "FreeSpace" Andersson . Enjoy! /Mg "If we’re not supposed to dress up then why the fuck is it called the pimpvitational? (Profiling and shit)" With the contestants arriving this is exactly what went through my head. There were lots of casual clothing and me. Me, who looked like the fourth lost member of the ZZ Top. I held out for three hours before succumbing to the incredible warmth provided by my awesome outfit. Sharp dressed man with a solid hand! This is my first attempt at writing about old school magic and I hope I can live up to the standards of ‘mg’ and Shaman Ben, my two favorite writers. For long time readers of the blog I’m probably not unknown as my 17 year old l33t-name FreeSpace. And I kinda enjoy the books of H.S. Thompson. But enough about that, let’s get down to brass tacks. My Pimpvitational started Friday evening when Felipe Garcia’s fli

Pimpvitational 14/15

Elitist? Yeah, I guess. You're not entitled to play with any card you want. Some people will have more expensive cards than you. Though it's like saying that the roads are exclusive and only for the rich just because some people drive a Tesla while others have a Ford. It's not the roads' fault. You are not entitled to a Tesla just because someone else saved up for one. 93/94 were never meant to be something like the next EDH, or to be mainstream. If you feel that you must get first to the destination and drive the best car, this is not the road for you. It was never meant for you. If you're driving for the leisure, enjoy the view and like the company of the other drivers, come join! Some players may have spent years and thousands of dollars on their equipment. If you want to, you can do that to. If you don't want to, accept that some cars will probably run faster than yours. If you're a skillful driver, you might get ahead anyway. Exclusive? Hm. Anyone who