Visar inlägg från februari, 2015

Arvika Festival

The preparations for the trip wasn't really stellar. When KungMarkus announced that they would host a tournament in Arvika a few months back, of course I signed up without much hesitation. Didn't really know what to expect from the weekend, how I would travel, or how far it was between Arvika and Oslo. I did however know that the Arvika players are great people to hang around, and that they approach the format with sweet decks and a few beers. My roommate, Hardy, used to play Magic a few years back. I think that his last tournament was the Odyssey prerelease back in 2001. We'd been talking a little about 93/94, and generally about doing more things together during the weekends, now that I don't commute to Sweden every week. Representing the Norwegian capital in Arvika seemed like a fun idea. We decided to go together, and the weeks started to fly by. Suddenly, the tournament was two days away. We still hadn't looked at tickets, accommodations or playtesting. I h

Old school of thought

For this week, I tried my wings a little and wrote a short article for Eternal Central rather than writing a post here. You can read the article here . I'll admit to a few rad pics though. Statistics tells me that the most popular posts are those with casual tech, tournament pics, or how to spot fakes. So, here goes: Erik Sundberg appears to be teching with of the Uncle Istvan / Giant Shark deck. Yet again, he'll break the format. Next level monogreen. Actually not a bad deck. Kalle goes into the tank at Frippan Open. Need to loosen up the nerves for that Orb flip. Lotus passes the rip test. Go check out the article at EternalCentral, and feel free to give feedback. Next weekend I'll be in Arvika, battling it out with the local players and some other road warriors. I'll see some of you there!

n00bcon 7: World Championships

So, what's new? The Italian scene is growing quickly, and the fourth tournament in Ravenna took place last weekend. This time the winner was none other than Italian 93/94 pioneer Jacopo Borelli. Go check out his sweet tournament report at the Magic Time homepage :) This Friday I got to do some playtesting in Oslo. I've been working a little more on monogreen since last, and it's starting to look like a deck. I considered playing it in the MindStage tournament, but instead opted to go for TaxEdge last weekend. I think that this decision was mostly due to my playtesting with TaxEdge against Felipe's Stasis deck before the tournament. I know it sounds horrible, but the Stasis/Tax Edge matchup is actually really interesting and fun to play. I didn't get to play that matchup in the tournament though, and instead went for the 1-3 against a bunch of Underworld Dreams. I think I'll have to represent with Project M in the Arvika tournament in two weeks, but I hope t

Void of the Underworld: A report from MindStage

Last weekend Vasa Gaming celebrated new owners and a name change with a Magic convention in Gothenburg. What was formerly Vasa Gaming is now MindStage. The new owners had the great taste to hold a 93/94 tournament at their convention. The eventual champion was none other than n00bcon 3 winner and tech aficionado Viktor "Oldschool" Peterson. This is his tournament report (translated from Swedish by yours truly). Enjoy! /Mg To the Viktor belong the spoiled. The birth of a concept Void of the Underworld took shape after many years of secret teching with land destruction. What eventually made it see the light of day was the contemporary discussions on Mishra's Factory. Many players claim that the Factory is simply too good, and some even argue for a restriction. I wanted to build a deck without the Factory, to prove that they are easy to overcome if you just change the way you build your deck a little. Additionally, it had been a while since I won a tournament, and I he