Visar inlägg från januari, 2015

Old Dead Guy Ale

In the spring and summer of 2006, I hosted a bed and breakfast in San Francisco. The house was located on the corner of Bush and Webster Street in Pacific Heights. It was series of fairly odd circumstances that put me there, but anyway, there I was. When you run a bed and breakfast, you have to get pretty familiar with the town you're in. Your guest will ask you not only about the common attractions like Alcatraz or Fisherman's Wharf, but also questions about which streets you should avoid during night time, and where you can find good food or good beer. I hence spent quite some time drifting around in the city to get to know it. One place I found quickly was the Rogue Ales pub by Washington Square Park. This was a few years before we had easy access to any Rogue beers in Sweden (nor any other of the good American beers for that matter). I went into the pub, and had my first few Dead Guy Ales. I went for the Dead Guys Ales first, as they shared the name with Chris Pikula&#

Winter deck

Heiner, you fox: Yep, a Mana Vortex deck. I don't know how it placed in the Eudemonia tournament, but I'll assume that it won. At least some bragging rights, if nothing else. If someone who played the tournament at Eudo Games would like to write something about the tournament or the local playgroup (or share some pictures), it would be much appreciated :) So, unrestricting Black Vise to make this deck viable in the Nordic meta? It's a hard nut to crack. The finals of last n00bcon was between two UR draw7 burn decks, and 3/4 decks in the BSK top4 were UR draw7 burn decks. It might be a bad idea to give our current tier1 deck access to the full playset Vises. A man can dream though. As per usual, we have our yearly update of the B/R list during the weeks after n00bcon in April. If you have any thoughts, feel free to share. But I digress. I've recently updated the decks-to-beat with most of the decks from the Frippan Open top8, as well as the top4 decks from the mor

2014 Retrospective

2014 was an impressive year for old school Magic. The interest in the format has grown both locally in Sweden and internationally. Starting on a personal note, this is the curent state of Project M: It's actually somewhat finished. One might argue that I could use more duals, but with their current price tag, that seems like a long shot. I have the Unlimited versions of the UGs and Volcanics should I want to play them, but I think I prefer to keep the deck BB for now. It's nonetheless a pretty impressive pile compared to the version of the deck I played in Regensburg two years ago: Did not have the cards for a sideboard, but the main was actually pretty solid. On another personal note, the nerdy side of me thinks that this is pretty sweet: Full A/B power on a 1994 Khalsa-Brain mat. Checking it off the bucket list I guess ;) So, raising our sights a little to the Swedish tournament scene, we can in good conscience say that it has been a good year to play old schoo

Åland's perspective

Lots of interesting things has happened in the last days. One of my personal favorites is that Heiner Litz from California actually built and played a Mana Vortex deck in an old school tournament. We'll get back that (and the 2015 retrospective) later though. For now let's give the word to our own World Champion, Christoffer "Stalin" Andersson. Stalin got a hold of Mikael "Åland" Johansson after his win at Frippan Open to ask him some questions. Enjoy :) Stalin: For the people that's not in the Swedish 93/94-community and know you; How would you introduce yourself? Åland: My name is Mikael but everyone in Sweden calls me Åland, which is the name of the island I grew up on. Apart from 93/94 I like to play vintage but I also play legacy, modern and sometimes standard. I’ve studied for quite some time and have a bachelor of information technology and a master of public administration. I work as a systems analyst at Mölndal municipality. When I don’t play

Pics from Gothenburg and Ravenna

During the last weeks there have been two impressive tournaments in Italy and Sweden. Jacopo Borrelli hosted a 13-player tournament in Ravenna, Italy, which was the second largest tournament thus far outside of Scandinavia. The Italian community is growing quickly, and Jacopo's work with it can't be understated. A few days before that, Johan "Freespace" Andersson hosted a 26-player tournament in Gothenburg, Sweden. Freespace had rented a location where beer was aplenty, and had even invited a local game store too the event to sell old school cards and refreshments. Jacopo has posted a tournament report with some more decklists and pics at his Magic Time webpage , and I hope to get a tournament report from the winner of Frippan Open (*nudge*), so I won't spoil to much about the tournaments right now. Until then, enjoy some pictures from the events. Project M going monoblack style against Hannes Löfgren. Elof goes binder browsing. Kudzu is making