Visar inlägg från mars, 2021

A matter of some proportions

Ah, Easter week. The most magical week of the year. For well over two decades, my Easters has been synonyms with playing Magic. The GothCon convention has been a fixture in the calendar since the 90s, and in the twelve years counting down to this pandemic, I hosted old school tournaments around this time each year. Maybe again next Easter. But until then, I'll let the people who actually knows how to run online gatherings do their thing, and take my joy in playing instead of organizing. n00bcoM 2 is coming up Friday, and I aim to slay some n00bs. As I was flipping through the binder for n00bcoM tech, I paused at this card: Maybe not the most potent tech to propel me into the top8, but it got me a bit curious about the flavor text (which I had read a thousand times before without thinking too much about). And after verifying that it was indeed the same in my Fourth Edition set, I had to venture out on the internet and look up the Fifth Edition printing: Hehe, yep. The very same fl

Scryings Double Elimination Top4

It's been a long time since we looked at elimination round decks around here. We even stopped updating the Decks to Beat section on the page over two years ago. There were some requests for less data on top decks by some players, and I was of course happy to oblige. (Should probably add the decks from the last Fishliver Oils and n00bcon(/m)s for posterity though. Will do that "soon".) Today will be a small exception however, or perhaps a small "back to form". I played a 30-ish player online Scryings tournament over the course of the last two months, and it was sweet enough that I felt I had to share the lists from the last four people standing. The format was double elimination, so I got the chance to face all these decks myself over the course of the tournament. And let me start by saying that I found Scryings really fun. I was excited about the format and had theory crafting going on about a year ago, but then kinda felt my enthusiasm knocked down a few pegs

Extra Pulled and magazine cards

When I first started playing, "local rarity" was a real thing. A card like Island Fish Jasconious wasn't that impressive (even though it was huge ) simply because we had opened like four of them. You probably couldn't even get a dual for it if you tried. But you'd probably get like five Sol Rings for a single Clone in that crew circa early 1995, as we somehow had opened a bunch of Sol Rings and barely any Clones, even though they had the same "global rarity". A Clone was like three duals in trade. Local rarity doesn't come up much these days, with the all the internets and whatnot. If I want something rare, it is more often a matter of cost than a matter of effort. There are of course objects that hit both, like a crimped Chaos Orb or a signed Fellwar Stone, and I'd even argue that if something Magic-related takes a lot of effort to find we'll probably also have to pay up. But not this mail day. I've searched amazon and had email notifi