Visar inlägg från februari, 2016

Arvika Festival 2

These days, we're veterans in the steel beasts. Gazing at the frozen Nordic landscape rushing by, fleeing from whatever nest of whore mongers and turmoil we started in. Playing cards, telling tales of the road to passers by, and drawing sustenance from crude boxes filled to the brim with apple wine. The steam and noise and clank of trains are music to our ears. We're train people now. Playtesting had been largely absent, as had good sleep. Last weekend I went to Addis Ababa to try and visit Øyann again. Jumping through the hoops got easier the second time. We had a wonderful weekend together, and I was back in Oslo by Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday night the war started. A stray bullet flying through her tent next to her head. Fires and machetes shredding terror on unarmed civilians. 18 confirmed dead in the camp during the night, I don't know how many were wounded. Horror stories building on horror stories. I managed to talk to her Thursday lunch, and hea

Decks to beat and Arvika preparations

I'm not currently in possession of the best of internet connections. This weekend, we'll go to Arvika. About a year ago KungMarkus said that the Arvika Festival would soon become the third largest 93/94 event in Sweden, beating gatherings like Warcon, Sehlskapsspelen, Frippan Open, L.I.G.G. and Wexio in awesomeness and attendance. And it looks like they've already done it. 33 players have signed up so far to battle in the small city; a hair's breath from the number of players at last year's national Vintage championships. We're looking at six rounds before the top8, and as awesomess goes, the ambience at Arvika last year made it one of my favorite Magic events of 2015. Casual gaming, sweet decks, and lots of cheap beer. Arvika is a haven for the #mtgunderground in ways few gatherings are. I once lost a game against the Safe Have / Preacher combo btw. Good Magic was had. I will per chance defend my title from last year with a vengeance. I have a monstrosit

A short thanks

When I started playing, there were a few artists who were as important to the game as the rules themselves. The guys who created the world where we played. Artists like Jesper Myfors, Ron Spencer, Mark Tedin, Drew Tucker, Anson Maddocks and Dan Fraizer. And of course Christopher Rush. Christopher Rush had a huge part in creating the nostalgic joy we experience when we play old school Magic. Just a few days ago, Kalle and I were talking about contacting him again to get some alters of Rukh Eggs for n00bcon. I never talked to him myself, but from what I heard he was a very friendly and easy-going guy. My personal experience with him was solely from his work, but through that he made a big impact. Magic just got older. I'm sad to hear that one of the original creative minds is gone. His work and the impact he made will be with us as long as there is a Black Lotus in the world.

Tech from L.I.G.G.

Last weekend Alexander "Talad" Midjich and the L.I.G.G. crew in Stockholm organized their first 93/94 gathering. 20 players showed up to battle with the oldest of cards, and when the dust settled Martin Berlin and Gordon Andersson faced off in the finals. Wasn't it the exact same finals at Nebraska's War in Italy in December btw? Those guys might have something going on. Berlin with his spoils of victory Eksem with his spoil of last place If anyone of you who participated in the event would like to write a short report, I'd be happy to post it here. In lieu of a tournament report, let's check out some tech from the top8 of the tournament. Pefken's BRW Menagerie Most of the players in Stockholm are fairly new faces for me (only four of them had previous Pimpwalker points from 93/94-gatherings), but Rickard "Pefken" Samuelsson is surely a name to be reckoned with. Pefken hasn't showed his face at 93/94 Gatherings for a