Arvika Aftermath

Hey, I should write something about Arvika Festival 8! That was a noble gathering, and I wanna spill some digital ink to preserve he memories and impressions. Heh. Probably a good thing that I'm not organizing n00bfest this weekend. Let's leave that to some slighly more professional Time Elementals. It appears I keep bouncing myself. So, yes, Arvika Festival. What a great time. Svetzarn and KungMarkus outdid themselves yet again, and this was quite possibly the most enjoyable large tournament I've ever played. Spot-on organization, great location, awesome people, good food, and sweet Magic. I was to travel by myself from Oslo at midday Friday, but as an international wizard you rarely walk alone. On the train from Oslo to Arvika I immediately encountered two Brothers of Fire - Reigning World Champion Stebbo and The Legendary Jonas Twitchen - who had just arrived from the UK. Train People. Reindeer Invitational Ante was played, cards were traded, and beer was spilled on neig

Vanilla Tiers

Here's a statement: Magic is a great game. Like, the game system is really, really good. The whole concept with the turn structure, mana development, color wheel, combat math, and all that is second to no game I've ever played, and I'm the kinda guy that have been frequenting tabletop conventions for the last quarter century. The way Magic does "creatures" and "combat" might seem a bit complicated at first glance - e.g. back in 1994 me and my sister didn't realize that creatures "healed" at the end of each turn, and it took well into late 1995 before we understood that one attacker could be blocked by multiple creatures - but it was really the thing that made the game what it was. It was in combat you won after all. The size/cost ratio of creatures was a huge learning experience. You could not have convinced me in the first months of playing the game that Savannah Lions was a better card than Fire Elemental. Pretty much everyone who played

2022 Introspective

So Mg, what have you been up to lately? ALL THE THINGS! On a personal level it probably happened more just last August than during the entirety of 2021. I've tried to sit down and summarize more than once, but I was facing a sort of change fatigue, and occasionally it was like my mind didn't fully get out of the pandemic. Sometimes it felt like I left a few things back in late 2020, like my ability to sit down and write. "Book of the Year (Non-Fiction)" would be Stolen Focus . So I've kinda plugged out from having the pulse on the global oldschool scene during the last year, focusing more on the IRL games I've come across and the slightly deeper underground. I guess I couldn't keep up with everything, and finding the hours to write - or even read - would sometimes feel like a chore more than a hobby. So I wrote less, followed less stuff on the internet, deleted my Twitter and Instagram accounts, and focused on my love for Magic and The Gathering. And some