Maze's End

Not much time for writing these days. Wouldn't trade the infant-parenting lifestyle for anything, but I can see that updates around here may get a little more sporadic in the coming months. At least until sleeping is somewhat back on the schedule.

Anyway. Some weeks ago I penned a buzzfeed style listicle about "hard to unsee" art details. Perhaps not my most rigorous dive into journalism, but it did get a larger than usual number of upvotes on reddit I suppose.

Right now, I'm very happy that I wrote it. For listicles need their fact checkers, and the fact checker to correct me this time was indeed a legend among our legends.

So from the horses mouth, there is in fact a dude stuck in the Maze of Ith. We just got some of the details wrong last time. This is how the attacking creature went lost:

This was of course a rare opportunity to dig deeper, and I had a lot of questions on my mind. The communication was facilitated by a wonderful person named Brenda. I've cut …

Gathering of the Knights of Thorn V

Joep Meddens is a venerable name in the halls of old mages. A gatherer of fellow wizards in the Netherlands, a content creator of note, and a master brewer in most formats. At the last Fishliver Oil Cup in Genoa he reached the elimination rounds in both the main tournament and the EC event; innovating with his signature Geddonless Geddon in the main event and razing opposition with a blue/black pile that I can only refer to as "Joep School" in the EC event. This is the third time we get to hear one of his stories on this blag; be sure to check out the previously regaled tales from his Frost Giant Cup and Hill Giant Cup. It is my pleasure to share Joep's experience from the latest showdown with the Knights of Thorn. This is a tale of a man and his ghoulish horde of  zombies. Enjoy! /Mg out

Are we on 5 of these already? This old school thing seems to definitely be sticking in The Netherlands. After October's Frost Giant Cup, December could not come quick enough for Dut…

2018 Retrospective

Wait, are we a thing now?

Last week I was perusing a few customary end-of-the year articles as I'm wont to do when December draws to an end. One over at Channel Fireball caught my eye.

"Hey", I said. "They're ranking nische formats this year. Maybe Oldschool will get a moment in the sun? It is a format." I read through the article and got the status on Two-Headed Giant, BattleBox and the likes, but nothing about 93/94. Oh whelp. Then I stumble upon this one:

And behold.

When did that happen? Apparently some straw broke the camels back this year. While we certainly crawled from a deep underground to a more shallow soil, I did not expect us filthy casuals to rub elbows with actual supported formats. But now it appears that we are a thing in the eyes of The Grander Community. This brings great responsibility. I think we might need to start wearing hats.

It seems we've reached a point where the format has a mythos. Sometime in December - around the tim…