Visar inlägg från mars, 2020

4th Edition is a strange set

This, right now, is weird, right? If someone told me during Christmas that, in less than three months, all schools, kindergartens and public offices will close over night; that all the marquee televised events in Europe - including the Eurovision Song Contest and the European Soccer Championship - will be cancelled; that they would close all pubs not only in Oslo where I live but also in the pub capital that is London; that going to any party, much less going over any border, would be forbidden or restricted; and that there would be no Olympics this summer; I would have questioned that persons sanity. Yet, here we are. Weird times. There's really nothing sensible to write about it here. Whenever I get the urge to write something profound or entertaining about the situation, my thoughts wander off to my friends in Italy and dejection overtakes any wit. I'd really like a spoiler season of sorts right now, having a small peek of what things will look like in a month. Right

The Arvika Festival 6 Top8

A large and kinda competitive tournament with Scryings in Arvika a couple of weeks ago? High time to dig into elimination round tech for us netdeckers and spikes. Spice ahead. Let's go. Thomas Nilsen's MirroBall. 1st place. The goal with MirrorBall is to use Sylvan Library and City of Brass (alongside natural damage from the opponent) to get down to a very low life total, switch life using Mirror Universe, and then throw a Lightning Bolt or Fireball to win. It is not really the kinda deck you borrow to a new player who want to try out old school. Mirror Ball rarely give free wins, and the addition of Lat-Nam’s Legacy - while very useful - has only increased the number of decision trees. Zuran Orb and said Legacy have however made the former tier3 deck much more consistent. Before you were pretty much limited to Dark Heart of the Woods as a safety net on the low life total the deck demands, and as such you were forced to play a very high percentage of forests in the ma

Arvika Festival 6

For a few minutes last week, time stood still. I could not communicate, as I had no face. I no longer knew how to breathe, as my chest and stomach had been replaced by pain made solid. Ruaro had warned me, but I couldn't be bothered to listen. I had stepped into the Abyss willingly and only repentance could pull me out. Maybe I should have listened to the force majeure that tried to prevent me from going to Arvika in the first place. I had a pretty good track record of missing Markus's tournaments going on after all, having found excuses of varying quality to raincheck the last two. I'd been a constant on the seven he had hosted in the four years before that though, so I was looking to make my misses look more like accidents than trends. But initially it appeared that the world didn't want me to come to Arvika. First, there was the question of whether or not the tournament would even take place. A man can be excused from hosting a gathering of thi