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Gathering of the Knights of Thorn III – Tournament Report

Today we have the pleasure to share a guest report from the Netherlands, where the third Gathering of the Knights of Thorn recently took place. Our guide is Richard Veenman, a recently relapsed veteran of old card board. His weapon of choice is Ernham Burn'em, and his battlefield is the largest gathering the quickly growing Dutch community has seen yet. Enjoy, and happy holidays! /Mg out After playing, collecting & selling MtG from 1995 till the summer of 2000 I sold all my cards. it was time to venture into other games, eventually this would be poker. In the years that followed, once every couple of years we would play a booster draft but that was just about it. I loved MtG when I started (just after Ice Age was released) but when the popularity of MtG shifted from "Type 1" to "Type 2" most of the fun was over for me. I never regretted selling all my cards but I never forgot the fun I had playing Type 1 tournaments. those were some sweet memories. A co

49 decks to beat

Heya! If one would argue that I have been lazy updating the Decks to Beat page, one would have merit. Of course, I have a sack filled with excuses to for that very purpose. I was busy hunting Fungusaurs. But excuses is not why we're here. We're here for tech, and I've sorted the top decks from Ivory Cup 2, Scandinavian Championships, Alphaspelen 3, The Horrible Horse Gathering, Fishliver Oil Cup Ed. 1, and BSK 2017. Three lists are still missing, but nonetheless we have 49 new Decks to Beat collected. Kalle Nord's Parfait. Ivory Cup 2 Top8 35 participants, photos of 7/8 decks. The second edition of Stockholm's annual Ivory Cup was a smashing gathering. The attendance had risen since last year, as had the powerful cards. Erhnam Djinns faced of each others in the finals, leaving strategys like Atog Burn, The Deck and Dead Guy in their trail. Scandinavian Championship Top8 48 participants, photos of 6/8 decks. The first edition of Scandinavian Champion

This month in oldschool: November 2017

November has passed, and for those of us living in the North the darkness is truly upon us. As Old School goes, this month included among others the first 93/94 Team Championship in London, the long established Swedish BSK tournament, the French National Championship, the Horrible Horse Gathering in Oslo, and one of the final tournaments in Liga Catalana Old School in Spain. Lets take a dive. From around the Web n00bcon X The web page for the upcoming World Championship at n00bcon is up and running. A stunningly modern collection of hypertext compared to last year, and a casual surfer might feel like it's 1998 already. Music City Old School Mtg We have a new blag in the blogosphere! Music City Old School Mtg chronicles the budding community in Nashville, Tennessee. Four posts and a lot of musings in the last month. Check it out! Stasis: The unspoken elephant in my deck (Old School Ron) Hey! Another new blogoblag in the blagotubes! Old School Ron has posted a lot of c

Tomato Tomato: Three styles of Old School Magic in three weeks

Let me share a story again, as has become my privilege. Let me give this soap box to Marty Silenus to stand on. A man whom recently concluded a three week pilgrimage from the tournament at Eternal Weekend in Pittsburg; to the Fishliver Oil Cup in Genoa; to some casual spell slinging in the apartment of one of the format's founders in Gothenburg; before turning his eyes back across the Atlantic. This is the core of oldschool found in curiosity and wanderlust from one of the players we have the honor to call a fellow. It's my pleasure to share this story. /Mg out Q: Can my opponent do something that doesn’t make sense, such as casting both Holy Strength and Unholy Strength on his Air Elemental? A: Yes, these effects are magical, after all.  - Alpha rule book    If I meet you for the first time and I find out that you play Magic: the Gathering I can probably assume that you enjoy using your imagination. If I then find out that you are a reader of this blog I can also probably

Fungal Bloom at the Horrible Horse Gathering

A few weeks back, a couple of guys from the Oslo community asked if I could help set up a 93/94 tournament during the Oslo Eternal Winter. That was an easy yes. It had been a while since I hosted a Gathering, especially as Svante Landgraf took over the recent BSK, so it felt like a good time to get off the horse and do something. I think I might have a slightly different approach for hosting tournaments than most real organizers of proper formats. But I guess that the core obstacles are the same. Location, location, location. Participants. Refreshments, prizes, something unexpected. This might be as good a time as any for me to rant about some of my experiences hosting, so let's start with that. Location is the most arduous task. You need a place with a lot of tables and chairs, sure. That's easy enough as long as the head count is below 70-80. But then you want the option to drink beer, which whittles down the options. You also want to be able to drink without having too