Visar inlägg från februari, 2019

The six-player playmat

Hm. My plans on writing in-depth about event cards, an exhaustive report from ViennaGeddon, and stories on 93/94 tournaments in 2008 appears to take more concentration than my current sleep schedule offer. In this The New Life, some things have to give, and regular blogging is apparently one of them. So I'm thinking smaller. I can just write something short to clear my head. Show something strange that may have alluded the radars of all but the most crazy collectors. For the deeper I dig into the rabbit holes of old school trinkets, the more strange gems are to be found. Like, scrapped sets and strange playtest cards and mid-90s memorabilia that I can find no good references of elsewhere online. Today, let's talk about a particular piece of cloth. Some of you may know that I'm a big fan of them Khalsa-Brain playmats. I wrote a post about them back in 2014. If you are unfamiliar with the mid-90s history of playmats, first of all, I guess congrats on your social life.

Maze's End

Not much time for writing these days. Wouldn't trade the infant-parenting lifestyle for anything, but I can see that updates around here may get a little more sporadic in the coming months. At least until sleeping is somewhat back on the schedule. Anyway. Some weeks ago I penned a buzzfeed style listicle about "hard to unsee" art details. Perhaps not my most rigorous dive into journalism, but it did get a larger than usual number of upvotes on reddit I suppose. Right now, I'm very happy that I wrote it. For listicles need their fact checkers, and the fact checker to correct me this time was indeed a legend among our legends. Iiih! Anson Maddocks has seen the blag! *Fanboy tilt-out* So from the horses mouth, there is in fact a dude stuck in the Maze of Ith. We just got some of the details wrong last time. This is how the attacking creature went lost: What we thought was his shoulder was in fact the back of his head. Arms stretched out and bent, bac