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Merfolk Assassin

It dawned on me that it was the end of April, and I'd only posted one blag update in the entire calendar month. Can't have that kind of nonchalance towards the eternal duties of the blagosphere. But Jesus, time moves strangely these days. Like, I'm pretty sure that March 2020 lasted fourteen weeks while March 2021 was ten days long. And on the note of relative time, it also occurred to me that I started playing oldschool around 14 years ago; a point in time when Alpha was less than 14 years old. Does that somehow mean that sets released in 2007 could possibly appear oldschool for the 20-somethings of today? Like, do people think that Future Sight or Lorwyn - with all its new-fangled planeswalkers - are old sets? Did some once-kids start playing around Alara block or Zendikar, and think back to Morningtide or Time Spiral Block as some golden era before-time? I mean, WotC did after all release Time Spiral Remastered recently as a "nostalgia-driven product", all wh

The n00bcoM 2 top8

n00bcoM 2. We have a tradition.  While n00bcoM 1 last year came as a surprise to most of us, n00bcoM 2 left little to chance. Players were prepared in body and spirit, with local setup up to code and battle-tested. And no additional expansions or fanciness this time, instead we saw a return to the draconian Swedish reprint policy the Good Friday showdowns are known for. The "online Shark" created by FloVo and the Brothers of Fire. In the end 120 players gathered at Tolaria, making this the largest online one-day tournament to date. A couple of minor (and very traditional) kerfuffles aside, the tournament ran as smooth as anyone could ever hope for. My hat is fully off for the organizers and crew, including Florian, Slanfan, Mari, Gordon, and that dude who commented with Gordon (seemed like a really nice guy). Gordon and co-commentator guiding us through the madness. These things are a bit different than meeting up at the Rotary Pub, the Lighthouse in Genoa, or the town hall