Visar inlägg från februari, 2021


Of the discontinued cards from Unlimited, Illusionary Mask is the one I've found myself with the most copies of over the years. Well, second most. It's kinda hard to dethrone Chaos Orb from that particular number one spot, but the Mask sure makes a run for it. I've given away a couple of Masks to n00bcon riddle masters, and I have some memories of trades in the past, but I'm still somehow sitting on six copies of the card. The first four makes sense I guess, playset and all that. The fifth is arguably needed for my Unlimited coffee table book . That second Unlimited copy is a bit harder to excuse, but I guess I bought a Faceless Menace EDH precon at some point in the before time, and mise well have the sweetest face-down tech available if I'm to swing modern megamorphs. The mask obscures everything but ante. I just really like the card. It was the only discontinued rare that anyone in any of my playgroups had access to in 1995, and its mere presence made Jester'

North Star

When was the last time I left the apartment to peruse the town? Surely weeks, probably months. But the other day wanderlust grabbed hold as I saw an open block of two hours in the calendar. The sun stood high in the winter daylight, the thermometer danced around ten below, and it was time to peruse.  My goal was to buy a new toothbrush and moisturizer. Yeah, I moisturize. What am I, some murk dweller malcontent throwing my face into the constant bruise of Nordic winds? But regardless my quest was fruitless as it turned out my moist dealer and the whole mall was closed due to corona. Got me again, pandemic. On a brighter note, the sun was shining and I was outside. And I was at spitting distance from Outland, the local card shop here in Oslo. Mise well peruse down there and see if they have some cards to doomshop. In particular I was on the hunt for a few random Arabian Nights cards to fill some holes in the almost-complete set. Outland. I masked up and found myself in the Outland basem