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You only live twice

It was six weeks ago. A long time in dog years. I had been told a report was on its way most weeks since then, but to no avail. At this point I think I must assume that we'll never get the chance to see it. If it eventually comes, it will be a joyous occasion, but perhaps this story should not be leaved to fate. So I'll try to tell it myself instead. The mind's eye is foggy, but this is the story as I remember it. Rashomon style. The bandit testifies. A solid breakfast is the cornerstone of any healthy tournament. I came back from a long vacation that week, and the circadian rhythm was still out of joint. Pick up five hours that night, six that one, and four and a half the next. By Friday, the body was sluggish. But excitement was abound, and I mise well run on fumes. It would be my first time playing old school in Stockholm. Hell, the first time playing Magic at all in the Swedish capital. Stockholmers and Gothenburgers have a history of love/hate relationships

MtgForLife retrospective

One year ago , this blog shifted some focus towards people who can't afford Magic decks, let alone food or flue shots. To give up a part of one's own luxury to support some unseen and unknown people around the world is not always an easy thing. Stepping out of the comfort zone is uncomfortable, and a common natural response is to be defensive, annoyed or even insulted by the implication that we are the entitled ones. Who is this guy to tell me what I should do with my cards? We wont save the world, so why even try? The top voted comment in the #MtgForLife thread at /r/magicTCG/ This was new territory. Apart from some charities where Magic players help give scholarships to other players (like the awesome Gamers Helping Gamers foundation or the old Magic Scholarship Series ), giving to people outside our bubble is not something we as Magic players had much history of doing. We know about hating on the internet though ;) (from #MtgForLife reddit thread) And we set th

Long run

"Nice to see shots of decks (like the last one) that aren't packing power. While power makes for the most impressive and awe-inspiring photos, not everyone has it and it's not the end-all of what the format is about. Play with what you have and what you have the means to acquire. 93/94 is a marathon." - Matt Shields, comment on Thomas Nilsen's Weaving magical tales at the Adventurers' Guild House No secret I agree with Matt. 93/94 is one of the absolute worst formats to play if you want some instant gratification and then move on to the next quick fix. Building a deck here is not a sprint, and it's up to you when decide when to stop. Or at least slow down. My stop sign for the Project M deck after a three year run was the Beta duals. The price tag was simply to high, and I decided to play the deck with basics instead (yeah, I could technically play Unlimited duals, but that's kinda missing the point with the deck). And hey, I managed to top8

Weaving magical tales at the Adventurers' Guild House

Mages, perchance you wonder at this show; But wonder on, till truth make all things plain. This man is Cortex, if you would know; No sorcerous ways are driven by vain This man, with maelstrom, troll, and bush of thorn, Presenteth moonshine; for, if you will know, By moonshine did these mages think no scorn To meet at Drammen's tomb, there, there to woo /Mg out My fellow companion The Brewmaster and I set off to the Guild House which lies in the outskirts of a little hamlet by a smooth running river to the west. We traveled by coach, and on board he handed me two different bottles of his brew. In return I offered a deck of cards which told the story of giant Djinns and animated constructs; ravaging trough the landscape in a berserker's rage during a thunderstorm, laying waste to anything in their path. He smirked as he studied the cards and felt the potent magic that resided within. This was going to be his first Taleweaving harnessing such arcane magic. I g