Visar inlägg från februari, 2022


The other weekend I went down to Gothenburg, alone. I had some plans to hang out with friends in the city during my Christmas vacation, but a sprinkle of Covid put a firm stop to all that. So I took a weekend away from the family, mainly to water some social flowers that had been dry for too long. Watch a couple of rad movies (like Mad God ), have some long walks in the motherland, and chomp down a fistful Swedish Kebab pizzas. While there, I also picked up six more rares for the Legends set. Two from Kalle Nord and four from Morgan "Farsan" Karlsson. "Fun" fact: There are more rares in Legends than there are total cards (c+u+r) in any other of the "early expansions" (Arabian Nights, Antiquities, The Dark, Fallen Empires, or Homelands). Divine Transformation, Land Equilibrium, Rasputin Dreamweaver, Concordant Crossroads, Hazezon Tamar, Adun Oakenshield. Any one of these could carry their own post. And after my recent highly restrained - borderline shallow

It's in the Books (Winner's Report from the Winter Derby)

286 players. Twenty-two countries. One champion. It is my great pleasure to share the musing of Koos Cramer from the last oldschool Winter Derby! /Mg out Writing a tournament report is new to me. But for this occasion, winning the winter derby 2022, I've given it a try. Hope you enjoy it.  The first derby I ever participated in was the summer derby of 2018, ruleset EC. Here’s the deck I played that tournament: Back then I didn’t own enough Underground Seas, so I borrowed them from my good friend Jasper. I went 4-4, if I’m not mistaken. One of my losses was against Randy Buehler with his awesome TaxEdge deck. After that derby I tried that deck for a while, also at n00bcon 11. I’ve played a few Derbies so far and I try to play a different deck every time (not only for the Derbies, but in general). Here’s what I played in the Derbies thus far: Summer derby 2018 – Black Blue (4-4) Winter derby 2019 – Tax Edge (4-4) Summer derby 2019 – Mishra’s Workshop deck (6-2, top16) Winter derby 20