Deck Techs

There are a lot of decks scattered around this blog. This page aim to gather a solid chunk of the posts focused on deck ideas, including the more fringe techs that may not grace the Decks to Beat page.


Axelsson's The Burning Abyss
Suicide Blue is a very aggressive blue deck that focus on mana curve and quick hits.

Lestree Zoo
RUG Zoo with burn, Power and Efreets.

Deck tech from Worlds '94
This post shows Mark Rosewater's UG Stompy, which he played at Worlds 1994.

Continuous Deckbuilding
A deep dive dissecting monred Sligh.

White Winner
White Weenie combines quick and effective threats with strong removal spells and Armageddon.

Starkbier and Goats
A look at monored Atog with heavy Artifact hitters.

The Kobold Deck
Yeah, it is a bunch of Kobolds.

Erhnam Burn'em
Classic RG archetype with Erhnam Djinn, Berserks, Giant Growths and burn spells.

Eternal Flames
Monored Burn with Howling Mine / Relic Barrier for card advantage.


Mg's JuzamGeddon
Tales of Green and Black
BG Nether Void Beatdown.

Crimson Disco
Monored Nevinyrral's Disk synergies, backed up by burn and mana denial.

Jet Black
Two takes on MonoBlack Tempo, one more aggressive than the other.

Green Doesn't Suck Now, Dammit!
One of my earlier attempts on MonoGreen midrange.

Old Men and Shivan
Heavy hitting UR Burn.

Old Deadguy Ale
An early version of W/B AggroControl with quick threats backed by Sinkhole, Disenchants, Plows and hand disruption.

A powerless WG version of a deck that wants to drop a fattie followed by Armageddon.

Eel or no Eel
UR Electric Eel on a slightly lower budget.

Black is the New Black
Monoblack Meekstone control with Guardian Beasts.

Machine Head Ponza
Juzam, Birds and land destruction in a glorious pile.

Party Crashing at Wexio
WB Armageddon/Moat deck with Underworld Dreams and Hypnotic Specters.

The Erhnam Deck
A heavy control deck that adds Erhnam Djinns and Lightning Bolts to build a new attack angle and faster clock. (Note that deck is from 2012, i.e. before the restriction of Mana Drain.)


Hans Henrik's MonoWhite Suleiman
Fungal Bloom at the Horrible Horse Gathering
BG Mycosis, aka Fungusaur Aggro, combines Fungusar with Pestilence to grow a huge dinosaur while sweeping the rest of the board.

Atog Smash!
AtogFlare combines the ramp of Candelabra and Mana Flare with huge Atog strikes.

Skull of Orm tech
A strange black combo deck that use Priest of Yawgmoth, Colossus of Sardia, Animate Dead and Skull of Orm to generate a massive recurring army.

Colossus Skull
A GB version of the Skull of Orm reanimate deck, here with Berserks and All Hallow's Eve.

Paint it Black
Deathlace Combo with Northern Paladin and Exorcist to blow up permanents.

You're the Inspiration
The original Moss Monster deck with Aisling Leprechaun and CoP: Green.

Inquisitions and Leprechauns
Not that much info here, but a new take on the Leprechaun deck, as well as a deck that plays Inquisition.

Thunder Tax Edge
Land Tax / Land's Edge combo with Thunder Spirits and a full grip of Lightning.


Mossberg's Enchantress

The Dragon, v3
An early variant of the "CandleFlare" strategy; The Dragon use Mana Flare and Candelabra of Tawnos to create huge fireballs and one-shot attacks with Shivan Dragon.

Power Monolith tech and #MtgForLife day 4
A quick look a two different Power Monolith builds; strategies that use Power Artifact and Basalt Monolith to generate an arbitrarily large amount of mana.

Felipe's Time Vault
TwiddleVault combo to gain all the turns, as designed by Felipe Garcia.

Abusing Fork
Theory crafting around Fork Recursion combo.

Let's play all our cards!

Land of the Lich
Go nuts with Lich and Dark Heart of the Woods.

The PowerTwist Dream Deck
A high octane version of the "Trick Deck", this full-power (and five-color) Draw7-deck use Underworld Dreams and cards like Winds of Change to deliver the killing blow.

Resolve Verduran Enchantress, play a bunch of Enchantments, profit.


Audun's Evangelists

Antiquities Road Show
UW Archaeologist tries to maximize value by recurring artifacts with Argivian Archaeologist.

Urza's Command
Glasses of Urza / Word of Command deck, with The Abyss and Triskelion/Coffin for value.

Adventure Island
UG Sindbad deck with Power Monolith finisher.

From Scratch
While not a deck tech post per say, this shows some evolution of the Project M deck (along with an evolving Trick Deck and some other lists).

Field of the Sphinx Command
Field of Dreams millstone control.

Brewmaster's Delight
Living Plane / Drop of Honey lock down combo.

Some notes on Tax Edge
WR Land Tax / Land's Edge combo.

The Ali from Cairo Deck
We find an old (and not that optimal) Ali from Cairo combo list.

Control and Prison

Oldschool's The Icy WinterSmoke of Life
MonoBlue Artifacts
Monoblue control deck using Transmute Artifacts, Mana Vault, bounce, and a handful of Amnesia.

Haupsdeck Distress
A monoblack control deck that locks out the opponent and kills with a thousand pings.

Winter Deck
We take a look at Heiner's Mana Vortex prison in a meta with unrestricted Black Vise.

The Icy WinterSmoke of Life
Tapout Control with Smoke, Icy Manipulator, Winter Orb, and Millstones.

Void of the Underworld
BRu Nether Void Ponza deck, with Greed/Ivory Tower for maindeck card advantage.

The Россия perspective
Tournament report with Monoblue Transmute. Also shows Rasputin Control and Monogreen 1/1s lists.

The return of The Deck
Introduction to one of the most infamous decks in the history of Magic, simply knows as The Deck.

Third time is the charm
Tournament report with a highly tuned 2018 version of The Deck.

Day 10: Stasis
Some history and deck tech on Stasis (note that the post is from before the unrestriction of Black Vise).

Mixed brews

Hans Henrik's Oldschool Lands
Danish Brews part I
Hans Henrik takes us on a deep dive into UR Ali from Cairo, Power Colossus, and MonoGreen Mirror Universe.

Danish Brews part II
Hans Henrik is back with Old School Lands, Tribal Goblins, and MonoWhite Suleiman.