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Happy Holidays and some Legends

I don't really recall why I decided to do a spoiler on Christmas Eve. Might have been thinking that it would be fun to show Spirit of the Night today as a pun of sorts, forgot that The Dwarven Warriors would spoil that one along with Dwarven Miner, and then it just slipped my mind to update the schedule. Or something. Anyways, right now I'm smack dab in the middle of a snowy hinterland, far up north on the Norwegian countryside. So I actually wrote this a couple of days ago as to not have to sneak away from any festivities with the Norwegian side of the family. I guess there's a lot I could write about. The NOSMTG Brother's Highlander tournament, reactions to the spoiler season thus far, strange tech or ideas. But Christmas is knocking on the door, and time is of the essence. If you want some proper oldschool fix, I suggest re-reading the spoiler article from 52-Week Beta . It is simply fantastic and keeps on giving. So spoilers. I was supposed to spoil something t

Filler and mid-season rants

Our hero over at The Sentinel, Dave Firth Bard, is currently in India making the world a better place. As such, he wont post a spoiler today, and we'll go for a double spoiler 12/12 next week instead. Spoiler-free Friday it is. As good an excuse as any to rant a bit. First of all, bow your heads mofos, 'cause I was recently dubbed an honorary member of the Akron Legionnaires. While the Akron Legionnaires may be a fairly small team (five people when counting my honorary membership as a proper), we do have both sweet attitudes and impressive output. 80% of the team members do have their own blags after all. Matt , Bill , Sean and myself keep screaming at the void that is the Internet, while Jimmy act as the get-away driver. I assume. Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to meet the guys face-to-face yet, but until then I will presume that this is the case. Regardless, the honor is mine, and I hope to do you guys proud on this side of the continent in any upcoming g