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Schram's Magic Fest 2019

"MtgUnderground"? Heh. What does that even mean? Is n00bcon - possibly Sweden's largest constructed tournament regardless of format - still something that can even remotely be referred to as "underground"? Is Eternal Weekend, or Fishliver Oil Cup, with their triple digit number of players and vast number of reports, reviews, deck list dissections and threads something that we still consider hidden or rebellious? “ You are not your DCI number. You are not your highest Grand Prix finish. You are not your standard deck. You are not the contents of your trade binder .” — Ali from Cairo We are, after all, not really a niche format anymore in the grand community. These days we represent a notable slice of the cake that is Magic. We are not obscure, but we are certainly not our DCI numbers either. We are casual. We are unsanctioned. We make our own gatherings the way we want to play them - some large and some small - and play in good company. That Ali quote -

Unlimited Adventures, by William Casale

In a world of perfect serendipity and elegance, this should probably have been posted two days ago. Or maybe the Akron Legionnaire we knew 25 years ago should just have been 8/6 all along. Regardless, it is the budding days of August, and it is my pleasure to give the soap box to an Akron Warrior in the flesh; William Casale. Enjoy! /Mg out Hello Old School friends. Here in the burbs of Akron, Ohio we seem to have escaped the cycle of torrential downpour and heatwave that has defined the summer and settled into some nice weather. There have been many great evenings for slinging some spells on a patio with a cold one in your hand or taking a long ride to that out-of-the-way LGS you've been meaning to visit. As for me, I am spending some time outside on a breezy, sunny Tuesday  reflecting on roughly six months back in Magic after a 20-year absence. I am also sorting through the exciting ideas swirling in my head to chart a course forward. The Mana Flare my brother Jim gav