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Boating, flipping, and catapulting on the Stockholm archipelago

Webmaster's note: This post has been written, edited and posted by David Chambers, currently of the Berlin community. I haven't touched this post apart from writing this disclaimer to help credit go where it's due ;)  There are many points of contrast when travelling from Berlin to Stockholm. I left my apartment late on Friday afternoon and travelled by train to Schönefeld, Berlin’s ramshackle secondary airport which would have been retired in 2010 had the construction of the new airport gone according to plan (we're still waiting for BER to open). While in line for security I noticed plastic bottles huddled by a wall and balanced on a radiator due to the lack of a receptacle for the contraband. After getting through security (which is nerve-racking when travelling with hundreds of pieces of cardboard whose value is lost on the airport staff who inspect them) I discovered that all the departure gates were closed, forcing people to sit on the floor or on their suitca

This Month in Oldschool: August 2017

Welcome to the first iteration of This Month in Oldschool! Eight months ago I argued that Old School Magic had reached some kind of escape velocity. Three or four years past one could argue, perhaps with some sliver of merit, that if we stopped working on the BSK and n00bcon gatherings and stopped giving time to this blog, Old School Mtg would retract to the fringest corner of the casual tables. Some seats up from Highlander Gold perhaps, but far south of the more accessible retro formats like QL Magic, Block Wars and Pre-Modern. After all, if there were no content created and no tournaments organized, it would be hard for people to join (or even know about) the community. But we're clearly not there anymore. I don't think any single person, nor group of persons, could have a heavily detrimental impact on the format or its core values these days. Today our name is Legion, for we are many. This was the main argument for me to stop with the weekly updates and spe