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The Frost Giant Cup: A story from the Netherlands

During the last couple of weeks, much of the buzz in the old school webosphere have centered around the Scandinavian Championship, the upcoming US Eternal Weekend, and of course the massive Fishliver Oil Cup in Italy. But Giants reside outside of Arvika, Pittsburgh and Genoa, and reveler Joep Meddens lay their paths. The new recurring tournament series in the Netherlands took to their second brawl in the cages earlier this month, and we have an organizer's story to tell. Enjoy! /Mg out These days, the Dutch tournament scene is finding its shape. The Gatherings of the Knights of Thorn are becoming must-attends twice a year and now there are two Giant Tournaments to nicely round out the calendar. We organized the first of those, The Hill Giant Cup in March two weeks ahead of n00bcon and it was a roaring success. The day after crowning Michel Hollenberg the first King of the Hill (check out the N00bcon stream to enjoy Michel and Mg share precious nuggets of wisdom), questions

Shark fishing in Arvika

The epic Scandinavian Championship is in the books. The man to hoist the Shark this year was a familiar face for the Swedes; a man who has properly done his tenure and gotten both the highs and the lows of emotions over his last six years in the format. A man who is quoted as stating that The Deck-mirror is the best way to play Magic, but who's recent results have been with new innovations of Zoo. This is Åland's time. /Mg out The Deck and me I started playing old school back in 2012 after the success of n00bcon IV. If I remember correctly it was Stalin (the n00bcon VI winner) who got me into the format talking about it during our regular Tuesday Legacy tournaments. I wanted to play Vintage so I made a post just for fun buying power on our local Swedish community forum, and a guy wanted to opt out of Vintage due to the player base so I got a sweet deal. My first tournament I sleeved up this Deck . The tournament was a small gathering at Kalles place (whom at the time I never

Notes from the Scandinavian Championship

Arvika. My seventh time over at the most dense 93/94 scene in Sweden. Hell, probably in the world. 14,000 people live in the city, and you could presumably dig up around fifty old school players in the neighboring area if you were inclined. The FNMs at the local card shop are 93/94, and most of the players here stay abstinent from modern cardboard. Apart from the Magic, the city and the people have a certain feel I can't really put my finger on. This is a special place in the Swedish woods. The Patron Wizard around these parts is KungMarkus. When he organized the first Arvika Festival tournament four years ago, we were 16 players. Hardy and myself were the strangers. A couple of years into the Festival the Arvika players also got responsibility for hosting the Scandinavian Championship. This gathering, the sixth tournament were the Arvika Crew invite the rest of the country to battle on their turf, saw somewhere around 85. This time we even had distinguished guests from the conti