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Gothenburg Invitiational and ramblings

Last weekend I attended the first Gothenburg Invitational 93/94 tournament in Gothenburg. It was a smashing event, hosted by the Master of enchantments and fine beer that is Kenneth Mossberg. Åland builds his Moat with open containers. The lions are at bay. I'm showing up to battle with flying 2/2s and the old fashion four-eyes look. Kalle lucks his way to yet another final win. He has now won three of the last four big tournaments he has played. Soon I can't attribute it to just luck anymore. Mid-nineties Swedish champion Nikolai "Now" Weibull beating down with goblins. Not Dead Guy Ale, but Undead Party Crasher Porter maybe? Made it to top4 at least :) The event was streamed live at twitch, and there might be some videos coming up in the future. The commentator had gotten a cold though, so instead of doing his job he sleeved up The Gun and drank cinnamon whisky. It might still be watchable if you are deep in the 93/94 mire :) And this is g

Stream of #MtgForLife

" With 10,000 dollars, we'd be millionaries! We could buy all kinds of useful things... like love! " -Homer Simpson It was a success. $12,692 has been contributed by over a hundred players of the mtgunderground. We've managed to do this without any support from the larger stores like SCG or CardKingdom. We've spread the word on informal channels, zero fucks given about the discomfort in asking fellow players to look at situations worse than thier own. This is not a political thing, it is a simple humanitarian thing. It's about acknowledging people who have been dealt a crappy hand in life and helping those who help in what way we can. It's about giving up a small part of our own luxury to help other people's lifes move from 'abysmal' to 'pretty harsh'. #MtgForLife doesn't end just because the campaign is over. Today I recieved a mail from a guy in Norway who just had sold cards for $90 and asked where he should dona

Two and a half days left: Felipe's Time Vault

It's a little over two days left on the #MtgForLife campaign . It's a different climate than just a couple of days ago. I think a lot about what happened in Paris yesterday. I also think that thinking or praying isn't enough. Is there something that you can actually do, if even at a micro level, to help someone or change things for the better? The $12,257 we've collected for MSF of course wont create world peace alone. But it will help a lot more than $0 would. Everything is pretty fucked up right now. I'm glad to be around people who cares about changing it for the better rather than scream for more blood. I'm going back down now to our casual realm of card games. Today we have a special treat from one of the top techers and good guys in the format, I give the word to our own Felipe Garcia. Enjoy :) /Mg out --- A couple of weeks ago the BSK gaming convention was held in the Swedish city of Borås. The yearly BSK oldschool tournament at the site attract

6 days left: The BSK top8, part 2

Six days left for the #MtgForLife campaign . A few days back we reached the $10,000 milestone we sat out at the start, but we keep charging. Right now, we've raised $12,052. We're at at a level where it sends a signal to and from the Magic community at large. Sometimes we need to raise our eyes from our playmats, and when we do, we have the opportunity to make a small difference. Ball Lightning if I ever saw it. Thanks for being awesome. With the last week of the campaign in mind, let's check in on the rest of the mages from the BSK top8. Hannes "Halo00" Löfgren, Andreas Rosén, Olle "Rolex" Råde, Martin Jordö. Hannes "Halo00" Löfgren holds the distinction of being the youngest player in the format; at 22 years he's only slightly older than the cards themselves. That does not by any means say that he is low on experience with old cards though. Quite the opposite. Hannes slowly bought in to Legacy a bunch of years back while in school,

Day 29: Milestones and BSK Top8

Well I'll be a six-drop in a sligh deck. We've done this: 10,000 'murcan dollars! Well, actually $10,417 by now. You guys are awesome. What now? We're going into Win-More. Still-had-all-deez mode. Of course we pursue. It's 11 days left, and we keep charging. Every contribution matters, and we have some momentum now. Even WotC is starting to take notice (Helene is the Director of Global Organized Play at Wizards): So, if anyone from WotC is reading this and wants to get in, feel free to send me a message. ---- But now, lets go to some hot tech from the elimination rounds of BSK. I give you the first half of the BSK top8. Erik Sundberg, Mikael Lindén, Per Algander, and Jocke Almelund. Erik Sundberg is one of the real champions of exploring what can be done with the 93/94 cardpool. And I'm not just talking about 60-card constructed here. Erik has been hosting a 93/94 Cap Magic circle for some time (, where the playe

Day 26: Pictures from BSK

Do we really care about the starting numbers? Sure, it's impressive that a casual old school tournament in Borås without any real price support gathers more players than the main Vintage event of the MKM series tournament in Prague. And it's sweet to see that the old players keep coming back, and that new players are attracted to the format every year, showing up to play with what they have. But what I really like is this: That's during round six of the BSK tournament. Of the 55 players in the tournament, pretty much none has dropped. People are playing at the 0-5 table. Players play because they like the game and enjoy company of the other players. There are no draws here, and players gonna play. This year, the 93/94 tournament at BSK took place at the main Magic room at the convention. It was the first time we did this. Moving from the hotel bar in 2010 to hotel rooms in 2011, then to hotel suits in 2012 and 2013, to a secluded part of the convention b