Visar inlägg från juli, 2015

Legendary rules

Hm, writers block? That was a long time since last. It's a kind of odd experience. Now that the blog actually has lots and lots of readers, I feel some new sense of responsibility to actually write something. Lets look in the closet and see if we find something sweet to talk about. Khalsa Brain mats? Those are sweet indeed, but I already did it . An old school life counter perhaps? Yeah, that one is definitely coming. Not today though. Should do some more research before. Maybe the first Magic novella from 1994? I guess I should try to read it first. Also found a Shandalar game. Now that's something. Bought it back in 1997. Only works well on Windows though, and there's currently no computer in my possession running on anything less than Linux. I'll put that in the future-pile as well. A Legends-booster? Yeah, lets look at the Legends rule card. That could be a lark. Before we check out the rule card, lets take a quick look at the three uncommon


Today I wont be writing about old school Magic. It will be a rare departure from the topic of this site, but figured it's my blog and I can occassionaly write whatever. Vote Bernie Sanders. Don't drink and drive. Night of the Hunter is awesome. Unit test your code. Here's a bad resolution pic of a bunch of moxen powering out a 0/0 Wood Elemental. Magic! Let's go back a few years, eight or so. We're in the time before smartphones, iPads, instagram and the Obama administration. Black Lotus costs $600 and most people have never heard of Elder Dragon Highlander. It's not back in old school times by any means, but it is a while ago. I was studying computer science, working in a dive bar, and still felt the occasional sting of nerd shame. I had my friends and I had my magic friends, but I rarely combined the two worlds. Magic was Team 0-2 Drop with Kalle, Grip, Elof, Fork and Freespace. The 93/94 format was less than a year old, and had something like

Last tech on the block

Aah, summer! Summer! A fortnight of vacation has passed. There were some pretty intense resting, and I haven't spent more than two nights in a row at a single place for the last two and a half weeks. My mind has been cleared though, and it actually feels a little relaxing to get back to work again. The Scandinavian summer is awesome btw, the sun is constant and everyone is up for good times. I guess we need it to survive the darkness and cold of the Nordic winters. I've gathered the decklists from the last two tournaments in Norway and Sweden. They are pretty interesting, and may show a small shift in the meta. At Joypad Open, there wasn't a single blue card in the top4. The top4 lists looked like this: Thomas's BRw Tempo Mg's Distress Artelas's Monoblack Hardy's Trick Deck Lots of Khalsa Brain mats. Also, 16 Dark Rituals, 13 Underworld Dreams and 11 Hypnotic Specters in the four decks. Now, to be fair, there were only two decks pla

Pictures from WSK 2015

Last weekend the annual Wexio gaming convention took place in Växjö, Sweden. After having spent the first week of my vacation walking in mountains, horseback riding and attending a country wedding, I felt that it was time to collect some old school nerd points. I got back to Oslo around midnight last Friday, and jumped on the train to Växjö at 7 in the morning. The Oslo crew consisted of myself, Hardy and Thomas; the guy who recently won Joy Pad Open. We were to meet up with Honka during a ten minute pit stop in Gothenburg. It's been a while since Honka played 93/94, or Magic at all for that matter. Apart from a few games with our drinking cube, this might be the first time in over a year. When he plays, he is usually seen swinging formats like Tribelander, HaupsCube, RRC, Reject Rare Draft or 93/94. He has a fierce dislike for sanctioned formats, and expresses some distress over the fact that he once had to use a personal DCI-number. For this tournament, he had prepared with ano