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n00bcon 13 - A Tournament Report by Alex

We may not always be wizards of tradition here - what with a tapped Black Vise dealing damage, that Maze of Ith stopping Serra Angel, and a Triskelion gladly throwing any counters it got from Dwarven Weaponsmith - but a few things still appear as immutable law. One such tradition is apparently the belated publishing of n00bcon reports from Alex. While arguably not as delayed as his last one (which covered n00bcon 2017 and was published in 2020), we're still quite a few months after the fact. And this time Alex is nowhere to blame, as this glorious long-form report has been in my hands for almost a month. But now it is high time to go back to the near past for some tales from n00bcon 13. It is my great pleasure to give back the soap box to Alex. Lean back and enjoy. /Mg out  In the spring of 2020, me and my good friend Wander decided to set a goal for ourselves: we were both going to assemble a Swedish Legal deck to play with next year at n00bcon. We only had a few older cards at t