Visar inlägg från april, 2017

Pictures from n00bcon 9

Well, this was spectacular. Over 30 communities present, over 100 players, an awesome pile of beer, and just amazing Magic. Probably the largest number of Chaos Orbs in a room since Unlimited left the printer. Russians, Americans and Italians representing. German, Norwegian and Spanish players. Dudes taking a roadtrip for days from Switzerland, a UK crew showing up with matching Beasts of Borgadan t-shirts and a crew of Dutch players hanging out until five in the morning to watch the finals. The finals between a casual player from Växjö and a man whom represented the Icelandic team in the 1996 Magic World Championship. Players from all over, with all kinds of backgrounds, decks, and stories. I can tell you that 100 players are more than 50 in the same way a marathon is longer than a half-marathon. It is not just twice as much, running it becomes a different ballpark. It may get crowded, the scorekeeping and barkeeping may become a different monster, and every now and then you just