Visar inlägg från januari, 2022

The Dark, page one

These are The Dark months here up North.     Every now and then I go out on my balcony with a binder. Breath in the cold air, watch the dark city below, and then let my mind wander as I flip through the pages. These cards trigger memories and stories.   The Dark, page one.   There is a peculiar joy flipping through one of the old sets. Today in, celebration of the Nordic winter, I thought we could look at the first page of that The Dark binder.    Having a track record of writing literary thousands of words on fringe hitters like Witch Hunter , Sindbad , Granite Gargoyle , North Star , Merfolk Assassin , City in a Bottle , Falling Star , Clone , and Syphon Soul to name a handful, I've decided to contain myself (and spare you, dear reader) by only listing a single trivia item or random thought that pop up for each of these nine cards. I was mesmerized by Amnesia's art already as a kid, but these days the image of the forgetful man mainly reminds me of Arvika Festival organizer

2021 Retrospective

So, um, 2021 kinda sucked. "The Mold Demon of Years", if you will. Like, 2020 was certainly no tier1 year, but it was still in a sense new. 2021 was more like a grey limbo. Places and social gatherings were locked down for so long here that I'm not really sure what "normal" looks like anymore. All things considered, I think I'd argue that 2021 was the most boring year I've experienced thus far. Perhaps "The Hazduhr the Abbot of Years" is a more apt comparison. Maybe I'm being overly dramatic. And I guess my 2007 and 2014 would like a word before I give out that "meh" title on a personal level. But still, damn, I feel pretty good leaving this one behind. No shame in admitting we've seen better times, and that we're eager to work towards them again. I've listened to and read a good number of end-of-the-year retrospectives in the last weeks. All Tings Considered , Monster of the Week , and so on. Even a few of the