Visar inlägg från augusti, 2016

Continuous deckbuilding

A couple of years back, I held an impromptu seminar on the Nash equilibrium. For those of you unfamiliar, it's a solution concept in a branch of mathematics called game theory; the thing Russel Crowe's character in A Beatiful Mind gets a prize for at the end of the movie. It’s also a fairly unfriendly and complex topic far removed from the line of work of the audience I presented it to. Off the bat with a subtle Nash equilibrium / Magic card reference. This can only be good, right? I wanted to test the waters. See how well I could handle a talk about a topic most people weren't a priori interested in; a topic which the audience had little prior knowledge about nor practical use for. I guess it went well enough; no one threw their underwear on the stage, but on the other hand, no one threw their underwear on the stage. I’ve been thinking about this topic for a while. About building things. // Here be Dragons Now, what I do for a living other than ski boxing and s

Off the grid and news around the world

Didn’t a UN Special Rapporteur report conclude that access to internet is a human right? Or did they settle on technology being an enabler of rights and not a right in itself? I don’t know, and I’m in no good position to google it right now. They say two weeks before it’s up and running in our new apartment. That's an unusually long time to be off the grid. I assume that this post will hit the web soon enough though. I have my phone and can always post it via that one. Flashback to my second apartement in Munich 2012. Ok, so if we don't get to play with the web, let’s go old school. How did people read about Magic in 1994? The Duelist #1, January 1994 That's the first ever printed Magic magazine. ”The official Deckmaster(tm) magazine”, no less. There’s some info on hot upcoming releases here, like Antiquities in February and the ”much-demanded” Pocket Player’s Guide in March. I kinda get that it was much-demanded; when all the available rules were contained in the