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Elof's tech: Paint it Black

Our three-time 93/94 Giant Shark winner and two-time Swedish Eternal King champion Elof "The mighty" Gottfridsson continously works on new sweet tech. A while back, he suggested that he could write monthly "deck techs" about some of his ideas to post on the blog, and of course he was was welcomed with open arms. This is the first of hopefully many techs from one of the premier players of old school magic in the world. Enjoy! /Mg   Welcome to a new segment! Long time reader, first time writer. I've been playing this format for a couple of years, my first tournament with my own cards was noobcon 2012 if I recall corretly. I remember playing a deck similar to UR Burn but with Serendib Djinns and finished 9th on breakers. Since then I have mostly been playing The Deck or blue control, but have tinkered around with other decks; Nether Voids, Disco-Troll and even a Living Plane - Prodigal Sorcerer deck! But for this article, which I hope will be a montly rec

Rookie of the Year and PWP update

It has been a while since I updated the PWP standings. Two and a half months, to be exact. I started to calculate the rankings for the new season immediatly after n00bcon 7, but the same issue I've been thinking about for the last two years hit me again. Once we started having tournaments with over 16 players, the rating system would get very top heavy and fairly skewed. I looked at a few options on how we could do it instead. After checking some different ways local Magic Leagues in other formats calculates points, I eventually reached the conclusion that the simplest way to do it is to use something similar to Wizards own Planeswalker points system. The new system is described in some detail at the PWP-page . But I digress. The ball has started rolling on the Pimpvitational 14/15 tournament. It was originally planned to take place a couple of weeks ago, but it didn't pan out. Deciding on when, where, and most of all how to play it requires some strategic  plann

Bottled up

Creating expansions to The Gathering wasn't really the plan. The idea was to let the 10 million cards from Magic: The Gathering fill the demand for the foreseeable months, and then phase them out for Magic: Ice Age about a year later. Instead, the first edition of Gathering sold out in weeks. To saturate the demand a second edition, Unlimited, was printed. It was soon clear that this wasn't enough. The players demanded new cards to fill the void before Ice Age would hit the shelves. The story of Arabian Nights is a tumultuous one. I'm sure I'm going to write about it in more detail in the future. For now, lets simply state that there were some reservations at WotC about adding cards to The Gathering. Ice Age had been planned as a standalone version of Magic with different card backs. Using different backs was also suggested for Arabian Nights, as well as having a different color on the borders, before finally settling on having an expansion symbol to differentiate the

Joypad Open: A study in soot

The phone wakes me up. I stumble to answer it, barley supporting my movements on my newly sprained ankle. A scent of decadence in the room. The physical pain in my foot is second to the psychological embarrassment. Maybe I'm not 20 anymore. Maybe I should not spend 14 hours drinking and dancing in the streets. Maybe two or three punk bands are enough for one evening, and maybe I shouldn't be drinking Jack from the bottle. After I trip down a stair and clearly sprain my foot, maybe I should listen to my girlfriend when she suggests taking a cab home rather than continue running down the streets of Oslo. Sometimes, I'm not a very bright man. It's Kungmarkus on the phone. He's been travelling from Arvika with JohanGuld and Artelas, and he asks where he can park his car.   13:40. Yeah, it's 13:40. The tournament is scheduled to start in twenty minutes, and I'm a Scathe Zombie away from home. I'm at Øyann's place. She left a few hours ear

Joy Pad Open, blags, and California tech

Just a quick heads up. This Sunday my roommate Hardy and I will host the first non-proxy 93/94 tournament in Oslo. It will take place in our apartment, aka the Joy Pad. We decided on the time last Sunday, and are hoping for around 6-8 competitors, given our meticulous planning and early heads up. The tournament starts at 14:00, Sunday the 7th. There is no tournament fee, but betting is encouraged and there will be some kind of price for winning. Bring beer. So what beer you ask? Personally I recommend to match the beer with the deck. You e.g. don't want to be binging Red Stripe playing Stasis, as it would cause problems with bathroom breaks and rounds going to time. MonoGreen. Works great with American Pale Ales Creatureless TaxEdge. Something spontaneous fermented and sour, in particular if you don't run Land's Edge and have Feldon's Cane as the sole wincon. Alternatively some kind of hipster beer geek stuff like 2nd edition Red Horizon. Distress.