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Typesetting Troubles in Alpha

Card templating demand precision and accuracy. If we look back at the history of Magic typesetting, we'll find examples of cards with the wrong text (like Time Elemental in Spanish 4th Edition), cards with text omitted (like Vampire Bats in Chinese 4th Edition), or cards with their text offset incorrectly. The right Gaea's Touch has incorrect offset on text and symbols; a fairly common error on this particular card. Another possible typesetting error is accidental printing with the wrong font. The most famous font error in Magic is probably Æṛathi Berserker from Legends. While it didn't exactly get printed with the wrong font, the letter 'Æ' didn't exist in the standard Magic font at the time so it was printed with the first letter of its name omitted. Reasonably fun fact is that 'Æ' exists in the italicized flavor text font. Additional reasonably fun fact is that WotC created a plane called 'Rath' a couple of years later inspired by this error.