torsdag 27 februari 2014

Pimpvitational player profiles, part 2

Kingvitational 1 has been confirmed for the 8th of March! It may very well be the last 93/94 tournament of the season, so scrape a deck together, get to Varberg, and try to win Kingen's Relic Barrier while drinking Fireball. The next season will as usually start at the world championships (at n00bcon). But first, let's wrap up the player profiles for last season's Pimpvitational.

The eventual winner of Pimpvitational was Joakim "Jockeman" Almelund, who completely crushed the field with his control deck, winning every match he played during the tournament.

Name: Olof “Elof” Gottfridsson
Previous T8s: The last five tournaments (1st Warcon '12, 1st BSK '12, 1st n00bcon '13, 5-8th Kingvitational 0.5, 5-8th BSK '13)
Previous accomplishments in Magic: None and a few. Scandinavian Master Legacy, World Champion 93/94 2013, top64 both Legacy GPs I've played (Madrid, Amsterdam), Eternalkungen 2009.
Random skills: Have the most posts of any user at SvenskaMagic. Created Fyllebordet 2002 which became a forum for Sweden's old school players, and eventually led me to join Team 0-2 Drop.
Which card should be restricted: Perhaps Mishra's Factory, that could be interesting!
Which card should be unrestricted: Maybe Power Artifact, it's pretty hard to get the combo going.
Which card from later expansions would you most like in 93/94: Ice Age painlands or other mana fixing would have a big impact on the format, and are desired by many players.
Deck: Pefken
Elof's 3rd place deck

Name: Hjalmar “Honka” Backlund
Previous T8s: Uh. n00bcon 2011, WG Eternal Weekend 2012.
Unexpected skills: Skin banjo and nose flute. (TN: He is also surpringly good at making perler beads)
Which card should be restricted: Island
Which card from later expansions would you most like in 93/94: Hymn to Tourach
Anecdote from 12/13 season: DeathRap mixtape at BSK 2012 with GaJol.
Deck: A piece of crap. Crap de la crap. (TN: Honka borrowed my Project M deck and was 0-6 at the time of writing this. The deck is not crap, it's awesome. It even had a maindeck Thrull Champion.)
Honka's 8th place deck

Name: Viktor “Oldschool” Peterson
Previous T8s: A few... Including a win at n00bcon 2011
Previous accomplishments in Magic: Probably the only legacy player who continuously played with 16 Arabian Nights creatures in the deck. Flashback... Turn 1: Beta Tropical, Lotus Petal, Beta Ritual, Juzam, go! The kid on the other side of the table have to read Juzam, and after a few moments he wonders “Why do you play with such a crappy card?”. The guy next to us burst out in an uncontrollable, loud and very happy laughter... and that’s how I met both Robert Schram and MG.
Unexpected skills: Professional golf player
Which card should be restricted: None
Which card should be unrestricted: Would like to say Fork, but I guess red+blue is already good enough.
Which card from later expansions would you most like in 93/94: The one and only, Ishan's Shade!
Anecdote from 12/13 season: White Weenie without power IS power!
Deck: The Dragon
Oldschool's 6th place deck.
Name: Joakim "Jockeman" Almelund
Previous T8s: Every n00bcon (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)
Previous accomplishments in Magic: Never won a PTQ, never won a Giant Shark.
Unexpected skills: Awesome at sport
Which card should be restricted: None
Which card should be unrestricted: Mana Drain. I miss my counters.
Which card from later expansions would you most like in 93/94: Force of Will
Anecdote from 12/13 season: 3-0 drop at BSK
Deck: The Deck with wincons
Jocke's 1st place deck. Undefeated with 7-0 in the swiss, and a win in the finals.

måndag 24 februari 2014

Pimpvitational decks and profiles, part 1

A few weeks ago we held the first 93/94 invitational tournament. Our hero was there to take notes, drink beer and play magic. Today we'll look at a few decklists and player profiles from the sweet, albeit unusually sober, tournament.

Name: Kalle "egget" Nord
Previous 93/94 T8s: Won Gråberget Champs 1&2, GP Rotary, n00bcon Warmup, BSK Deep Water and WG Eternal Weekend. Top8 BSK 2011 & 2012, n00bcon 2011 & 2012.
Other accomplishments in Magic: 2nd Vintage SM 2003, won the first ever Legacy tournament at Gothcon.
Unexpected skills: Surprisingly unskilled.
Which card should be restricted: None.
Which card should be unrestricted: Black Vise, Strip Mine, Mana Drain, Mirror Universe. Probably nothing though.
Which card from later expansions would you most like in 93/94: Nothing in 93/94, but open to other nostalgic formats.
Anecdote from 12/13 season: The season was the best one this far; I don't think that as many tournaments have been held nor that as many sweet players have joined the format ever before. People throwing up in backpacks, or breaking their faces against floors doesn't make the season less amusing :)
Deck: Underworld dreams prison
Kalle's 2nd place deck

Name: Christoffer "Stalin" Andersson
Previous 93/94 T8s: None?
Previous accomplishments in Magic: Not much. Won Vintage SM 2010.
Unexpected skills: Baking bread. Also, at least one my tattoos will probably offend you if you're easily offended (Socialist Star, Thor's Hammer, Jesus, Che Guevara, etc).
Which card should be restricted: None
Which card should be unrestricted: Mana Drain
Which card from later expansions would you most like in 93/94: Necropotence. Unrestricted.
Anecdote from 12/13 season: Robert Schram cancelled pimpvitational on short notice, and I was the top rated player of the ones who could join in one hours notice. Pretty sweet.
Deck: Stasis
Stalin's 5th place deck

Name: Magnus "mg" de Laval
Previous 93/94 T8s: n00bcon 2010, n00bcon 2011, n00bcon 2013, BSK 2010, BSK 2011, BSK 2013, GP Rotary 2010, Kingvitational 0.5, Warcon 2012, WG Eternal Weekend 2012, Gothcon 93/94 2008. Haven't won a single one yet.
Other accomplishments in Magic: Uh. 3rd Leacy SM 2006 and Gothcon Vintage finalist 2007? Very much a casual player. Skilled in Reject Rare Draft and pretty decent in Mental Magic.
Unexpected skills: Written rhymes used in a Best of Gothenburg Underground hiphop album.
Which card from later expansions would you most like in 93/94: Primal Order
Anecdote from 12/13 season: The whole spectacle of BSK 2012 was pretty surreal.
Deck: Thunder Tax Edge
Mg's 4th place deck

Name: Daniel "GaJol" Nilsson
Previous 93/94 T8s: A n00bcon, a BSK, Warcon 2012, Gråberget Champs 2012.
Unexpected skills: Overhead flips with Chaos Orb.
Which card should be restricted: Mirror Universe
Which card should be unrestricted: Strip Mine
Which card from later expansions would you most like in 93/94: Bounty of the Hunt
Anecdote from 12/13 season: Couldn't find the last basic Swamps for the WG Eternal Weekend tournament, ended up playing my deck with 6 lands too few. Still amusing.
Deck: GB All Hallow's Eve
GaJol's 7th place deck

söndag 16 februari 2014

Enter the Dragon, a report from Pimpvitational

Today I have the pleasure of posting Viktor "Oldschool" Peterson's report from the Pimpvitational tournament. Enjoy! /mg

After 15 years, my oldest friend Munchhausen finally got his Magic-relapse. Together we were, as far as I know, the first in the metropolis Rolfstorp who began playing Magic in 1995. Now, 19 years later, we sat with his saved old common cards and talked about old times over a beer. Munchhausen had prepared an old favourite that killed all my huge Scaled Wurm with Mana Flared Fireballs.

During a sleepless night later in the week the inspiration kicked in and "The Dragon" was born as a seed of thought. Pimpvitational 12/13 drew near and the last cards to the deck landed the same week. The foundation of "The Dragon" was the same as in Munchausen's 95-deck with Mana Flare, but as always I prefer to win with cooler cards, so I topped "The Dragon" with its beating heart, Shivan Dragon! The coolest card in mine and Munchausen’s old decks from 1995.

The Swedish term "Shivan is a house" got a whole new meaning in this deck, when his first attack in the first tournament duel easily pumped up to 22/5. Gajols Birds of Paradise, who blocked this monster and saved Gajols skins only made a burned, black cracking sound before he fell lifeless from the sky. However, "The Dragon" breathes fire through many sources, and the next round Gajol got two Fireballs for 24 in the head! Overkill with fire is beautiful! :)

Pictured: Overkill.
To unlock this huge source of mana I used Mana Flare combined with Candelabra of Tawnos . The latter was also used to efficiently abuse Maze of Ith and the Library of Alexandria. To further strangle the opponent’s access to mana, Winter Orb landed as a delightful paradox in "The Dragon" since it does not stab my own combo significantly. To get further use of Winter Orb I played Power Sink before Counterspell and an Icy Manipulator on top.

For the win as well as for the defense, in addition to Shivan Dragon, 4 Fireballs and 3 Eathquakes easily cleared the road. A little splash of a white Balance and a Circle of Protection: Red defended both against Earthquake and other "The Deck" Fireballs. If you are one of those who don’t hold Circles in high regard, ask for Elof the Mighty’s opinion who lost to "The Dragon" due to Juzam Djinn against Circle of Protection: Black.
The "restricted list keep" against Kalle.
Everything above is a bunch of cool cards with a lovely touch of nostalgia and a fantastic wincon, but the card that really made "The Dragon" brutal on both the offensive and the defensive and would become the true engine of the deck was Hurkyl's Recall. This stunning card made ​​all other cards in the deck better. A few obvious examples might be Candelabra of Tawnos, well... I take 14 mana to the pool, again... Or Winter Orb, well, let’s untap all my lands... or the killer combo Nevinyrral’s Disk, well ... I pump all my mana to the pool, draw a card with Tome, kill EVERYTHING on the table, play out all my artefacts again including disk, pump all my mana again, draws another card with the Tome and laughs merrily aloud! Muahahaha!

Hurkyl's Recall was also a fantastic card on the defensive against the big guys and heavy artefacts like Juggernaught and Su-Shi. Or why not play it on the opponent just before casting a balance or a Wheel of Fortune!

Since this event was not only the first Pimpvitational ever to be seen, it was also was premiered test with Fallen Empire in the card pool, I knew that many would play black and certainly some red. "The Dragon" also saw a threat in the classic “The Deck” and Mishra’s Factory and therefore played many Blood Moon together with Red Elemental Blast in the sideboards to defend the huge Fireballs. Lots of Circle of Protection also caused several opponents to raise their brows and wrinkle their foreheads.
Stalin blasts a Dragon, but the Giant Shark is still looking strong :)
To summarize the Pimpvitational spectacle and "The Dragon", it was seven of the sharpest minds and most thoroughly tested decks ever to be seen in the game. To measure up this was Oldschool’s "The Dragon" which in turn was just a thought in Oldschools mind never to have seen any actual play before the tournament. Despite this "The Dragon" won duels against all opponents except Honka’s Guardian Beast - Chaos Orb - top decking - deck... This was the last game in the tournament and not to win a duel here stung extra in the heart. Honka got to play his entire combo to the table and started grinning tirelessly, just to see "The Dragon" blow it all away in a violent breath of recalled fire.”The Dragon” went in for the kill with a last inhalation but Honka managed to top deck his Demonic Tutor for a really, really, really lengthy win...

Circle of Protection in hand when Mg combos out with Land's Edge.
Anyway, "The Dragon" was a delight to play and surprisingly hot. "The Dragon" crushed poor Gajol who didn’t had much more than a Birds of Paradise to put up against the full might of “The Dragon” in force. It won 2-0 against Elof the Mighty who have won the most sharks in the world. "The Dragon" picked points against Egget who has been involved in most shark finals in the world. "The Dragon" also scored a point against the legend and founder of this blog Cjva. "The Dragon" picked points against Jocke who went 7-0 in this Pimpvitational and won the final. Finally "The Dragon" scored points against the man, the myth, the legend himself, Mg. Despite a Circle of Protection: Red he managed to win breathlessly just before "The Dragon" was to release his final breath for one last barbecue.

Now "The Dragon" crawls back into his cave to rest and grow even stronger... and who knows... maybe it will be you who gets to behold the horrific potential of the fully grown Dragon just before the white flames consumes you...

/Viktor "Oldschool" Peterson