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Pimpvitational player profiles, part 2

Kingvitational 1 has been confirmed for the 8th of March! It may very well be the last 93/94 tournament of the season, so scrape a deck together, get to Varberg, and try to win Kingen's Relic Barrier while drinking Fireball. The next season will as usually start at the world championships (at n00bcon). But first, let's wrap up the player profiles for last season's Pimpvitational. The eventual winner of Pimpvitational was Joakim "Jockeman" Almelund, who completely crushed the field with his control deck, winning every match he played during the tournament. Name : Olof “Elof” Gottfridsson Previous T8 s: The last five tournaments (1st Warcon '12, 1st BSK '12, 1st n00bcon '13, 5-8th Kingvitational 0.5, 5-8th BSK '13) Previous accomplishments in Magic : None and a few. Scandinavian Master Legacy, World Champion 93/94 2013, top64 both Legacy GPs I've played (Madrid, Amsterdam), Eternalkungen 2009. Random skills : Have the most posts of

Pimpvitational decks and profiles, part 1

A few weeks ago we held the first 93/94 invitational tournament. Our hero was there to take notes, drink beer and play magic. Today we'll look at a few decklists and player profiles from the sweet, albeit unusually sober, tournament. Name: Kalle "egget" Nord Previous 93/94 T8s: Won Gråberget Champs 1&2, GP Rotary, n00bcon Warmup, BSK Deep Water and WG Eternal Weekend. Top8 BSK 2011 & 2012, n00bcon 2011 & 2012. Other accomplishments in Magic: 2nd Vintage SM 2003, won the first ever Legacy tournament at Gothcon. Unexpected skills: Surprisingly unskilled. Which card should be restricted: None. Which card should be unrestricted: Black Vise, Strip Mine, Mana Drain, Mirror Universe. Probably nothing though. Which card from later expansions would you most like in 93/94: Nothing in 93/94, but open to other nostalgic formats. Anecdote from 12/13 season: The season was the best one this far; I don't think that as many tournaments have

Enter the Dragon, a report from Pimpvitational

Today I have the pleasure of posting Viktor "Oldschool" Peterson's report from the Pimpvitational tournament. Enjoy! /mg After 15 years, my oldest friend Munchhausen finally got his Magic-relapse. Together we were, as far as I know, the first in the metropolis Rolfstorp who began playing Magic in 1995. Now, 19 years later, we sat with his saved old common cards and talked about old times over a beer. Munchhausen had prepared an old favourite that killed all my huge Scaled Wurm with Mana Flared Fireballs. During a sleepless night later in the week the inspiration kicked in and "The Dragon" was born as a seed of thought. Pimpvitational 12/13 drew near and the last cards to the deck landed the same week. The foundation of "The Dragon" was the same as in Munchausen's 95-deck with Mana Flare, but as always I prefer to win with cooler cards, so I topped "The Dragon" with its beating heart, Shivan Dragon! The coolest card in mine and Munchau