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n00bcon, the big finale and the beginning of something great. Part 1.

This last weekend we held n00bcon and it was bigger then my wildest fantasies could ever imagine. 34 people attended, almost twice the size of the proxy vintage tournament down at the main convention. More people found it more rewarding to play a format that does not allow proxies, that does not allow budget alternatives in revised, 4th edition, Italian legends etc then to play in a cheap format where you could proxy all the expensive parts of your deck. It makes me happy. Vintage to me share many similarities with 93/94 in that its mostly a social experience. I play vintage and 93/94 cause I can play with cards that I sought after and struggled to obtain when I started playing magic around 17 years ago. I play with people that whatever the prize they still play in a very casual manner. Yes, vintage does broken things, but the people playing vintage are amongst the most laid back people I know. Just like the 93/94 community are and should be. 93/94 are mainly a format that allow adul