Visar inlägg från november, 2019

Arvikarapport, by Olof Robertsson

Arvika. I could say a lot about Arvika. Though I guess I have . And the Giant Sharks. That alluding prize given out twice each year during the last decade; at n00bcon and somewhere else. Seven years at BSK, then three years at Scandinavian Championship, and starting next year at the World Championship at Winc0n in Genoa. A Shark has no monetary value. For most Magic players, it is a sad state of cardboard. Yet, in this community, we recognize it as the highest honor, as the top prize at the oldest annual gathering and the World Championship. Anyone who won a Shark is never to cut it from their deck. And anyone who has one can be expected to have a seat at any gathering in the format. Life made this the first Shark tournament in ten years I wasn't present at. So I have nothing of substance to write this time. But the winner - a hero from my original home town no less - took it upon his shoulders to step out of his comfort zone to deliver a proper report. Hats off to Olof Robert

Schedule 2.0

First of all, let's give a huge shout out to Team South Africa who once again won the Oldschool World Cup in London yesterday! Back-to-back winning a gathering of that repute is no fluke, and this one marked the largest oldschoolmtg event in the UK yet. I was personally kinda rooting for what I would call "Team Endboss" (Martin Lindström, Olle Råde and Svante Landgraf from Sweden), but I can't really deny that South Africa deserved the win once again. Well played, and looking forward to seeing some reports. Until then, I simply stole this picture from facebook: Speaking of the World Cup, during that event the Brothers of Fire unveiled the first Scryings spoiler (once again I'm stealing images from facebook). Good stuff. The Brothers actually had a couple of spoilers for the event, but opted to do them one at a time and only revealed one yesterday. That, in combination with a pretty solid interest in participating in the spoiler season, gives us an upd

Announcing Scryings

In the darkest libraries of Tolaria, a twisted mage quest the palantir for stories of Dominian magic. The visions create rifts in time and space, revealing empires of the past and future, planes long forgotten, and the Dominian Ice Age alongside the lush landscapes of Jamuraa a millennia later. A wanderlust to this reality can only be quenched by Scryings . Release date / Full spoiler : December 28th Set size : 116 (40 common, 35 uncommon, 41 rare) Origins : Fallen Empires, Ice Age, Homelands, Alliances, Mirage, Visions, Weatherlight Legality : Occasional and at organizers' discretion; e.g. at n00bcon 12 ... The expansions from the tail end of 1994 up to the middle of 1997 have a certain silver-age feel. And they bring cards that would be sweet to re-evaluate with our contemporary understanding of Magic. But even disregarding any blatant anachronisms, legalizing any given of those sets could also come with some baggage. There's a lot of spice in Alliances, but i