Visar inlägg från september, 2020

The first Magic sleeves

Many Magic the Gathering players ask, is it worth it to buy sleeves? From The Prodigal Sorcer fanzine. I wrote a bit  about deck protectors once before. Back then I was on the hunt for the Chaos Orb puzzle; an early sales promotion by Ultra Pro to encourage players to use sleeves. The attitude towards "card condoms" was a different beast a quarter of a century ago. Many tournaments didn't even allow them, and most players didn't see the need. Some fancy people used playmats , and the rare perfectionist could try out the toploader or the penny sleeve used by baseball card collectors, but that was about it. In late 2017, about a year after I wrote the post on the puzzles, I got in contact with Frank Whittaker at Ultra Pro; a senior at the company who had been around during the early days of TCGs. He noted, "Not many people know, but we invented the Deck Protector and the Deck Box. Before us people used Toploaders to play card games. We also revolutionized collect

Furuset Open: Vintage draft with the Beta Cube

Two weeks ago I had the chance to meet up with some NOSMTG locals for a cube draft tournament. August was a good month as social life goes. It almost feels like we're reaching a semblance of normality. Normality with extra steps, sure, but still a world of difference compared to the start of the summer. This particular cube had two things I usually don't write about here; modern era cards and proxies. So why use proxies when we own all the cards in the cube for real, and why gather the local oldschool crew for a draft with modern cards when we have proper old school cubes in the team? Well, mostly because of the swagger. Pre-cube 93/94 constructed. Audun showing off swagger, as always. But anyway, this post will have both some new school and some proxies, so be advised if you feel like sitting this one out. Though on the flip side, we'll look at a truly impressive fan project from the hearts and mind of old school players, so there's that as well. And here'

DreamyDiamondWalls on the Jutland Ridge

Emil Thirup-Sorknæs is no stranger here this summer. A couple of months back he took us on a journey with singleton combo spice through the Danish Online  Oldschool  Magic (DOOM) series. And two weeks ago he did what few of us dare hope for anymore and unplugged his computer for a real-life physical showdown. An Oasis among the days of lockdown. And Emil knew to make the most of it, fooling the meta with a Wall-based Trick Deck. This is Emil's story from Jutland Ridge. Enjoy! /Mg out I went for a tournament. No, not an online one. An actual real-life, physical, get-together-with-old-friends-and-new-and-play-some-cardboard-on-a-real-table kind of tournament. It was great! If not for the constant fear of the plague. No, it was actually just great. It was the aptly named Mountains of Madness 2 on 22. August 2020 on the Jutland Ridge – Dollerup Bakker (if you have not been there, I strongly advise you to. It is the most beautiful place in Denmark). Anyway. This was a tournament w