Day 23: Notes from BSK

"Yo mama plays 40 creatures and 20 land"

BSK! In the middle of it right now. 55 players at the main 93/94 tournament, over a hundred at the Legacy Championships which supports #MtgForLife, and another 93/94 tournament coming up tonight. I'll be posting pictures, tech and trashtalk after the weekend.

And I've gotten my hands on this one from a guy in Norway:
That's pretty cool. They are, as always, not that easy to come by. I have a strong urge to add it to my TaxEdge deck, have it as a priced possession in my binder, or just build a casual circa 1995 Goblin deck and play it without sleeves in my local gaming store. Though I managed to complete my Nine last year, owning this tenth power card still feels precious. What if my girlfriend would start playing old school? With this, we could build an Electric Eel Aggro without having to fight over the Mox. Wouldn't it be cool to have two sets of power? Then we could build anything.

But that's not the case, of course. For this Mox, I'm just a placeholder. This Mox have bigger plans than just casting a turn two Blood Moon. This one wants to save the world.

We're over halfway with the MtgForLife campaign now, and regardless how the rest of it plays out, I wont be keeping the Mox when this is over. If we reach the $10,000 goal, I'll find someone to alter it and then give it to one of you who supported the campaign with $100 or more. If we for some reason won't reach the goal, I'll sell it and give the money to MSF directly.

We're at $7,471 now. This is you, this is the #mtgunderground. It has so far been a little hard to find backers from the mainstream Magic community outside of Scandinavia. Though it always helps to have LSV on our side:
At, the charity auctions set up during the last weeks have collected over $2,000 thus far. A Swedish judge has set up an auction where members on the site can donate website "credits" for later transfer to the campaign. Big players in the US Old School scene keeps showing love. And there is more to come.
Erik "Sehl" Larsson skipped upgrading his Balance to Beta, instead giving the money to #MtgForLife.
I'll be going back to the convention now. We'll end with a powerful list from the top tables to curb some curiosity before we'll get deeper into the reports:
Jocke Almelunds Power Monolith


  1. Just want to say that although I don't own a lot of "Old School" cards anymore I am intrigued by the format and am slowly (Very slowly) working on building a deck.

    Your work on fundraising has been amazing and I commend you on the initiative. Keep up the great work! Look forward to see how the mox turns out. I am sure it will be amazing.


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