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Ante up!

Today we have a treat! Our guest Greg is probably known to most as @oldschoolmtg. He is the guy that started the first (and most popular) 93/94 Instagram account , posting daily updates to share old school anecdotes and deck techs with his over 10,000 followers. He also started the 93/94 subreddit and was an early adopter of showing the format to a larger number of nostalgic players at different platforms. Today he takes a step into the blogosphere to guide us through the history of ante. Enjoy! /Mg out Hello! My name is Greg. Some of you may know me better as the guy who runs the @oldschoolmtg Instagram account. I’ve been meaning to try and write an article for “The Blog" for several years now; discovering The Blog back in 2014 was what reignited my love for this great game. In chatting with MG a while back we discussed me writing a post about one of my favorite aspects of early Magic, which has been absent since Homelands in 1996, a mechanic lost to the annals time - of cour

Banned & Restricted update 2017

It's that time of the year again! Still something a little off with this picture... Last weekend we talked a little about the current meta . But rather than ranting on about the updates here, Gordon Andersson asked if I would like to talk about it on an extra broadcast of the Flippin' Orbs podcast. That sounded like a fun approach, so that's what we did. You can check out the episode here . For those of you who can't or won't listen to podcasts for some reason (random cool fact; the national deaf Italian record holder in 50-100-200m breaststroke is an active 93/94 player), here are the changes: Darkpact is restricted* Contract from Below is restricted* Black Vise is unrestricted Maze of Ith is unrestricted *Note that Ante-cards are still banned if the tournament/game you play isn't played for Ante. There haven't been a tournament played for Ante yet, but as casual Ante games have started to slowly rise in popularity, we felt it was importan

Some pre-B&R meta ranting

I ran a mudrace called Råskinnet yesterday. Now everything hurts and I keep finding new wounds on my body. Should probably not have topped it of with a pubcrawl. Damn traditions. Anyway, did you guys follow the latest B&R update from Wizards a couple of weeks back? They banned Sensei's Divining Top in Legacy which made people very upset, both due to the fact that it was banned and due to the fact that it hadn't been banned earlier. And they didn't ban the CopyCat combo in Standard, which made people super upset. Then they decided to ban it after all, and people on social media got even more upset. The yearly B&R update here is by far the post that promotes the most reactions. Some people go full tilt over the fact that the consensus isn't aligned with their own gut feelings. It is fun to see that people care so much, but my day job isn't douche bag whisperer and it's impossible to cater to everybody. If we would just follow all the suggestions recei

The n00bcon 9 Top8

I guess having two weeks between the tournament and posting the Top8 lists is kinda old school. Some twenty years ago, we had to wait until the next number of Scrye, The Duelist or Centurion saw print to get a hold of the hottest tech. Us kids today with our newfangled phones and complicated shoes have become accustomed to far shorter feedback loops. Anyways. Top8'ing n00bcon is a proper feat in Magic. It takes mastering one of the purest forms of the game against very diverse competition and decks. Even though this is a casual format and a casual atmosphere, it is undeniable that this attracts some truly masterful mages. In this top8, we have a slew of old Pro Tour players, a few national championship titles and over 150 years of combined Magic experience. We may say that we compete for a Giant Shark, but often the real prize is the pride and glory. These are the eight players that made the cut in the 2017 World Championship. The n00bcon 9 Top8: Landgraf, Icelander, Glans, Go