Visar inlägg från oktober, 2022

Dwarven Warriors 2022: Witness accounts from Michael Schroers and Martin Purrio

Real Magic, proper oldschool. Dwarven god-damn Warriors. It is my great pleasure to give the stage to Michael and Martin. Enjoy! /Mg out Finally it was on! After weeks of discussing which drinks we could serve the lady of the house, which giveaways we could bring, and if Erwin deserved a present or not, Dwarven Warriors was just a few hours away. Being able to take a day off and sending the students home early, gave us a head start. After all the waiting the enthusiasm was almost unbearable, so we quickly had a proper curry wurst for lunch and grabbed some ice cubes at the gas station to cool our drinks. In the end preparation is everything! Michael did already have the pleasure to participate in 2021 and has been pushing Martin to build a deck ever since, but when Martin met Erwin and the Dutch crew for the first time no pushing was needed any longer. The energy of the gathering at 4000 recharges your batteries for weeks and weeks to come... at least ours. So off we go to slowly roll