Visar inlägg från juli, 2022

PastaCon 2022: A stream of conscious report

Reinvitational, yes. The Reindeer asked if I wanted to write something about last weekend, so write something I shall. For this was a weekend to write about. Background. Happenstances during the last couple of years have somewhat altered my approach to international travels. I'm not sure if disinclination is a word, but if it is, I'd probably use it to describe my current stance on airports. When one's last three international Magic trips have been last-minute disrupted by the Delta variant, an Italian airport strike, and the Omikron variant in turn, it takes a toll on an old man's enthusiasm to displace himself. And just two weeks before this magical weekend in the Swiss alps, I spent four hours standing in a security check line at Schiphol with my pregnant wife, while the plane home to our young daughter mercilessly departed without us. Huff. Flying. I had actually tried to visit the Reindeer less than a year earlier, to celebrate his 40th birthday in late October 20