Visar inlägg från oktober, 2012

BSK and tech from overseas

This friday marks the third annual tournament at BSK. There's lots of tech floating around in my local discussion group, metagame breakdowns and ideas. It's clearly not easy to build the correct deck even if you figure out how to break the metagame, since most players doesn't have access to the entire card pool. If you realize you want to play 4 Nether Void, or a set of Forcefield, you'll have a hard time requiring those cards anyway. At Warcon, we saw an aggressive version of the Deck emerge. At n00bcon, the world championship, the Parfait deck showed off as a potentially stronger control deck than even the Deck. Relic Barrier could be a top tier this tournament as well, either as a part of a prison deck or as a way to counter it. The only cards played by all decks in the t8 last n00bcon was Sol Ring and Strip Mine, but we saw a whopping 28/32 Disenchants as well. It'll be great to see everybody again! Robert Schram, winner BSK 2011 Dan Holm, winner BS

BSK Shark Tournament and some pictures

The second biggest tournament of the year is coming up in little over a week, and I really look forward to see old and new faces. Viktor has booked two luxury suites at Hotel Scandic Plaza in Borås for the weekend, and as usual the main tournament will be held the friday before Halloween, adjacent to the BSK convention. As customary for national tournaments, the price is a Giant Shark from the Dark:   We are currently about 20 people signed up for the tournament, which means it's already the second largest in the history of the format so far (second to this years World Championship with 34 players), and it's already larger than last years BSK tournament with 18 players. All the previous shark winners have signed up, including forces like last years winner Robert Schram and the two-time n00bcon winner and current World Champion Rickard Samuelson. I've recently been contacted by a Fabien Sanglard in Toronto who wants to start up a 93/94 community there :) We wish him