Day 13: The Moss Deck

This is pretty damn cool:
That's the by far largest Swedish Magic site, having it's own MtgForLife page. The site is renowned enough on an international level that they get their own preview cards (like Eidolon of the Great Revel), and the founder of the site was a part of last years community team at Wizards Community Cup. They are backing the project with a lot of support both to spread the word and donate cards, and I didn't even have to ask. God damn that's a great site. Also the place for the original 93/94 forum btw.

And it's not only Sweden. This is the Norwegian counterpart:
$6,500 now. Cards sold to make up the $500 during the last three days include more than half of the profit from a Timetwister, a Liliana of the Veil, and a slew of fetchlands. Apart from the high activity in Sweden and Norway, it's so damn nice to see how most countries with an Old School community join in on the project. Denmark, Italy, Germany, US and Canada are backing up a lot. You make me proud of being a part of the community. We're making a small difference.


So, Magic. I need a little more work on the post I had originally planned for tonight, so I'll just make it easy for me and post the winning list from the Moss tournament.
That's a pretty damn rad deck. Any pile with a Giant Shark in the sideboard is to be feared, and Kalle has two. His spoils of his victory was the Moss Monster lying fearsome at the edge of his sideboard.
Speaking of Giant Sharks, it's only about ten days left until BSK. The Old School tournament there is one of two gatherings of the year where the first price is a Giant Shark (the other being the n00bcon Championships). BSK is easily in my top two nerd events of the year. We're currently about 45 people from Sweden and Norway signed up. The tournament can be compared to something like the Swedish or Nordic Championships in 93/94. If you want to join us for a post-game beer or compete in the tournament, feel free to contact me. I'm sure you'll have a blast :)


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