Visar inlägg från mars, 2024

Arvika According to Wheel

It is my extraordinary pleasure to get to share Will Magrann's notes from the last Arvika Festival. Please enjoy! /Mg Out After the Arvika Festival in 2023 I did not think I would be back. I had gotten second place, the Shark was likely a one time thing, I did not have anyone to travel with, and there are just too many good events to travel to. As the 2024 event calendar filled out I initially thought that I would be attending the Team World Cup which fell on the same weekend as Arvika, but then I talked myself out of that and had settled on not going to an event in February. Towards the end of December the FOMO started to set in as I began hearing of people’s plans for Arvika and the World Cup. In one such conversation with Danny Friedman it all clicked for me. Danny was telling me how excited he was to be getting back to Arvika and that he and Shane Semmens were planning to take a train from Oslo to Arvika and back. I asked if I could ride their logistical coattails, Danny was fi