Day 19: Masters across the globe

MtgForLife? Over $7,000 now. It's a humbling experience. I'm proud to be a part of it. It might not change the world, but we're doing something. We'll help someone.


In the last couple of weeks there have been quite a few gatherings for old school mages across the globe. In the wake of BSK, let's see what's the hottest tech in other parts of the world.

If we go back a little over a month, we have the first French champion from the first non-proxy event in Paris; Céderic Germain.
Damn sweet Deck. I guess that many of you are thinking one of three things. First: The Deck with only three maindeck Disenchants? It's not a mistake, but rather a pretty clever design. As the 93/94 scene in France is still fairly young, and building many decks in the format takes all the time in the world, the current French meta has a lot of beatdown. A maindeck Wrath of God can hence be a much more appropriate card than the fourth Disenchant.

Second: Yes, a couple of the duals are Revised. Like in the US, UK, and some other parts of Southern Europe, Revised cards are legal in France. It might not be a bad idea if you want a diverse scene to grow a little quicker rather than having most people play WW vs MonoBlack matchups for the first years of the meta.

Third: Only one Fellwar Stone? I'm not sure here, but I can guess that Céderic took some inspiration from Randy Beuhler's winning list from Eternal Weekend (which played zero Fellwar Stone) and then added one, rather than being inspired by e.g. Kalle's winning deck from n00bcon and subtracted two.

Let's move a little forward and a little south. We're in Italy in the start of October, at the fourth largest Old School tournament series in the world (after n00bcon, Eternal Weekend and BSK). The 40-player (!) Ovinotournament in Italy was host to players from Italy, Germany and Spain. It was bested by Simone Esposito with his monored pile of awesome:
God damn that's a rad pile. Orcish Mechanics and Shivan Dragon for value. Kicking ass in one of the largest tournaments in the format yet.

Looking further ahead, we travel across the ocean to a land in the west. Here we have Eudemonia, one of the premier places to play with old cards in the US, and one of the first groups in the Americas that adopted the format. The California players use a slighly different ban list than the one on this site, a B&R somwhere between the European and the one used during Eternal Weekend. And they allow Fallen Empires as an eight legal set. So who ended up on top here?
Good old WW. White Weenie won BSK two years ago, and it's a really solid deck even without access to any Power. With an extra playset of pump knights from the Empires it's definitly not to be underestimated. Also note that this deck plays Shahrazade. Shahrazade is sweet.

We go back to Europe again and check out the MagicCardMarket Series in Prague. This was the first 93/94 tournament hosted by MKM. So who got to be the inagural champion here?
Was it this one? Maybe, I'm not sure. This was the first list I found from the tournament, so I assumed that it was a champion. It looks like a very solid deck. If you played at the MKM series tournament and want to write a short report about it, I'd be glad to post it here.

The second 93/94 tournament at Card and Board in Ohio took place shortly after that. The list at the top of the heap here was Deadguy Ale, i.e. Black/White with Sinkhole, Juzam, Disenchant and Hypnotic. I would really like to try that deck out some day. Just need three more Juzams. Eneas of Scania took his Deadguy deck to a coin flip away from the top8 at BSK last year, and it might be time for the deck to shine brighter here soon. If you only want to check out one deck from Card and Board though, look at Nicholas Rausch's Millstone Dream deck.

We round off the champions' decks by going back to Europe and the UK. Just a few days ago, the first UK national tournament title was claimed by one Mr Gershaw playing a pile of awesome flanked by Orcish Artillerists:
That's some nice tech right there. The Granite Gargoyles trade favorably with both Specters and Thunder Spirits, and can even hold off a Serra Angel if the mana flows right.

Only three days left until BSK. Looking forward to see good people and sweet tech!