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Winc0n 2022: The Oldschool Magic World Championships

It's a bit weird to think of right now, but there hasn't been a World Championship in Oldschool Magic for three years. The last champion was crowned in 2019, almost a year before the pandemic hit. Martin "Fluffy" Lindström, the 2019 World Champion. When we first started noting n00bcon as "the Oldschool Magic World Championship" in 2010, it was a bit tongue in cheek. We didn't even have players from outside Sweden until n00bcon 6 in 2014, but as the Swedes were pretty much the only people that played Oldschool in the world before then, we figured that we mise well call the main yearly gathering in our home-brewed format The World Championship. Then things started to escalate, and eventually the later n00bcons had around 40 communities represented across twenty or so countries, with qualification tournaments and invites structures and all that Kafkaesque jazz. As the format grew around the world, there were some discussions if we should be the "author


Yeah, I'm doing this announcement two weeks before the tournament. What of it? I presume that if you are the kinda reckless wizard to join, you are the kinda reckless wizard to spontaneously travel to Sweden on two weeks notice. I could bother you with the history of 40K Magic. There surely are stories from that road. But anecdotes and bluffs are not what this is about. Still, in the history of 40K, intense and reckless stories are intimately linked with n00bcon after dark. A time when wizards have been drinking for twelve hours plus, the top8 is afoot, and the players who lost out in the swiss are looking for a way to boil their blood. Real wizardry. Real stakes. As Garfield Nintendo. This year, we're making it official. Sometime around midnight, at the n00bcon site, we will host the first World Championship of 40K Magic. Everyone who dares is invited. Deck construction rules We follow the " Swedish B&R " as well as the original reprint policy (i.e. only English